Monday, June 02, 2008

Issue 470 - Are You Some Sort Of Bucker?

I hope everything is ok where you are.

I saw some things in the paper at the weekend which got my blood boiling, but whereas bad news shouldnt necessarily be ignored, I'm gong to focus on 2 stories of good news.

The first one is a celebration of Beryl Cook.
Beryl died last week, and she was right at the top of the tree in term of commercal sales for British artists.

A self taught artist, her pictures centred around fat women who enjoyed their food, enjoyed their drink, and enjoyed looking at young men.
She claimed to happily indulge in all 3 of those herself, and while her cartoony style didn't go down with the critics, the public bought into the idea, and bought the pictures!
When asked what the meaning was to her work, she said the only meaning was to 'make people smile'.
In all honesty I can't say I love her paintings, but they sure do the job of making me smile, especially when I hear that's what she wanted.

The other story is about George Sampson, 14 year old dancer who won Britain's Got Talent.
He got through the first round last year, but didnt make the semi finals.
This year he came back for more, and went all the way to the win, £100,000 and an appearance on the Royal Variety Show.

The final was watched by 14 million viewers, which is a massive pull in these times of media choice, and why not - the show features battle hardened showbiz veterans given a chance at the big time, it shows everyday folks with stunning natural talent, and it also gives the important life lesson that sometimes you won't always succeed, sometimes matters are outside your control.

Personally I think the show went a bit too far with putting the deluded acts through to the live shows, that smacks a bit of laughing at them, but as a celebration of what can be achieved with hard work and dedication, it's great!

The 12 year old classical singer I had mentioned before didnt make the top 3, but she had already been offered big contracts before the show, so her success is assured anyway.
Good luck to her with her natural voice, but her story has less 'come back against the odds' ingredients than that of George Sampson.

Ok, that's it for this week, I'm off to practice my breakdancing, where in my case the break may very well be real - like Beryl, like George, will you buck what the establishment tells you are your limits?

'Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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