Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Issue 368 - Tue 30th May 2006

I hope everything is ok where you are.

Yesterday was a public holiday both here in the UK and in the US at the same time.
Blimey with so many people off work, I'm surprised the whole world didn't just up and stop turning!

Of course one of the effects of the world turning is earthquakes, and the weekend quake in Indonesia has killed at least 5,000 known so far.
Events like this should give us cause to stop, step back, appreciate what we take for granted, and bring our small niggles down to the perspective they deserve - small.

Last week I got feedback that people enjoyed the story of Noor Inayat Khan, who showed great courage right up to her death in World War II.
So, next week, I'm going to remember another brave woman, acting in peacetime, who also lost her life, and the legacy she left.

I was going to do that this week, but wanted instead to ask for some more feedback, and it concerns my marathon venture.

First, let me tell you about last week's training.
During my weekday sessions, I have now begun to nudge up the running stints, which will serve to increase my stamina, and also tell my subconscious that if I can handle the increased effort in the week, my long run on Sunday at the previous pace should be 'easy'.

When it came to the 6 miles on Sunday, I was a bit apprehensive after the bad patch I went through last time.
I made a couple of changes in preparation though, and they helped.

The first was physical, I didnt have a load of banana protein shake swilling around inside me.
The second was psycholigical.
When I did my first Sunday session, it was 3 miles, and only took me a few minutes longer than my weekday 30 minute stints, so that felt fine.
Then I did 4 miles, which again was only my weekday stint plus a bt more.
Last week when I started on my 5 miler, I assumed it was still my weekday effort plus a bit more.
This meant that after 30 minutes, I was starting to think about the end, when in fact I was only half way through!
So this week for my 6 miler, I paid no attention to the 30 minute mark and just carried on.

I have also changed my running statement.
What you say to yourself is important when running long distance, and you'll know how I think it's important in all walks of life!
When I started training, I repeated to myself 'I am fit, I am well, I am fit, I am well'.
Now I have changd it to 'Nice and fit, nice and slow', and when I say it, it helps to force me to go slower, which at my stage of training is a great help to going further.

With those changes, I completed my 6 miles in 1 hour 14 minutes and was chuffed that at the end because I felt fine.

Phew - there are some goal achievement standards there - analysing a bad patch to change the outcome for next time, the importance of the correct self-talk, increasing your levels slowly, so that your standard level increases accordingly.
Oh yes, and how to avoid banana flavoured burps!

Right, here's the feedback I would like.
I'm thinking of changing tack slightly on my marathon site.

At the moment I am offering my new book plus my old book, plus a link/image on the site for $27, and 25% of that goes to charity.
That seemed a good deal to me, and with an affiliate program to boot.

However, I think people might prefer to sponsor me if they thought *all* of the money was going to charity.
So I am thinking of just asking for $7 to sponsor me for 1 metre, which will give you an image and link.
Then if you want to sponsor me for more, your image size goes up in line with the amount of $7 metres.
I wouldn't offer the books, take down the affiliate program, and 100% of the money would go to charity, minus my paypal expenses.

How does that sound?
Please let me know what you think, this either means you can have a link/image for $7, or for the same $27 as before you get 4 times the image size, and it all goes to charity.
I'd like some feedback before I make that change, so even if you don't want to sponsor me at all, I'd still like to know what you think.

Thanks for that.
Ok, that's it for today.

Have a good week.

'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,

Monday, May 22, 2006

Issue 367 - Mon 22nd May 2006

The Great Gordino Newsletter - Issue 367 – Mon 22nd May 2006

Hi ,
I hope Monday finds you well.

Yesterday I had my first near-vomit experience when training.
I reckon I know what caused it, I had taken on sustinence too soon to running.
I spotted a gap in the rain and thought I'd make a go of it, but I suffered for it!
However, I bravely carried on, and got to 5 miles in 1 hour 3 mins, 3 mins outside my target, but not to worry about that - at this stage, targets are very rough and ready!

Of course me carrying on to do 5 miles instead of 4 wasn't really brave.
The real bravery came from the fact I was out in public at all, considering the whopping spot I had on my nose.
My body is slowly getting rid of a lot of rubbish as I get fitter, and my face gets sweaty a lot, so a few spots is a price I have to pay, but blimey, this one was (is) a whopper!

Right on the end of my nose, it's nearly as big as my actual nose.
It almost blocks my vision.
I'm not surprised I was suffering on my run having to lug all that extra weight around.

Thank goodness I have no dates looming!
Er, actually that wasn't really that brave either, and today I want to talk about some real bravery.

I saw a documentary about a woman awarded the George Cross in World War II, only the 3rd woman to get one.
Unfortunately she wasn't alive to receive it, she had been brutally beaten and shot by the SS.

Noor Inayat Khan was born in the Kremlin, where her father was an attache to the Imperial Family.
After moving to England, the family settled in France.
When Germany invaded France, she was just able to escape to England.
Her philosophical beliefs didn't allow her to use violence, but she wanted to help in the war, so trained as a wireless operator.

The fact that she spoke fluent French brought her to the attention of the special services, and she was recruited to train for undercover work in France.
Although her training often noted her as 'clumsy' and 'not over-burdened with brains', we were so short of trained wireless operatives, that she was sent over to France, where the life expectancy for an undercover operative was just 6 weeks.

As she landed in the dark, she was already in trouble, as the man who met her was a double agent, giving details to the Germans.
Soon after she got to Paris, most of her colleagues were arrested due to the double agent's work.
Noor was offered a flight back to England by her bosses, but as she realised she was the only operative left in Paris, she decided to stay.

She continued to avoid capture, and kept working for 12 weeks, twice the normal life expectancy before she was caught.
Throughout her interrogation she frustrated the Germans by giving lots of false information, until they got so fed up they stopped asking her.

She was moved through various prisons until she was sent to the Dachau concentration camp where she was eventually beaten to near death and then shot in the head.
The man that killed her was himself executed for war crimes, and Noor Khan was awarded the George Cross for 'conspicuous bravery in the face of danger.'

She knew that she was letting herself in for something which would more likely than not bring her death, but she went forward anyway because it was what she believed in.

I love watching documentaries like that, telling me about the bravery I hadn't heard of before, bravery of people I had not previously been aware of.

I, and if you are reading this most likely you too, live in societies of such freedom which we take for granted.
We don't have to show such bravery to get things done.

So, the next time you feel scared to do something, the next time you 'don't feel brave enough' to push your comfort zone, think of Noor Inayat Khan, and you may surprise yourself!

Have a good week.

'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,
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Monday, May 15, 2006

Issue 366 - Mon 15th May 2006

The Great Gordino Newsletter - Issue 366 – Mon 15th May 2006
I hope everything is ok with you.
2 points to make today, about integrity, and the little things.

My training for the marathon is going well.
I did 4 miles yesterday, still managing 12 minute miles, with a total of 17 miles for the week.
I'm confident of getting that down to 10 minute miles in time, which would be a marathon time of 4 hours 20 mins.

Even after 2 weeks of training on what seems an easy schedule, I can already feel and see the difference.
I've noticed bulges appearing on my legs, rather impressively even if I say so myself.

My stomach hasn't gone yet.
In fact I took some pictures of it, so I can look back and note the difference.
I was tempted to put them on show, but I had to sit down with a damp cloth for my head after looking at them, and it's my bloody stomach, so I'd need a lot of convincing to display to all and sundry!

I've had no huge training stints, it's little and often, and what a great way to achieve goals.
By not over doing things, but by consistently following an established plan, it doesn't take long to start seeing results.

When I go out training I plan the route so that I can cover the time or distance required, include a cool down distance, and arrive back home.
Last week I finished a session, and was feeling good as I got home.
Until I put my hand in my pocket that was...

I was expecting to feel my door keys, but found nothing except a blob of fluff.
My first thought was that if the fluff looked like Elvis, I might be able to sell it on ebay,
My second thought was 'Uh-oh, no keys'

I immediately went to my back up plan, which was to wait a few seconds and then put my hand n my pocket again as in case they might magically be there this time.
When this failed, my shoulders sagged as I had to accept that my keys had fallen out on my session.

Fortunately my landlord is also my friend, and lives locally, so I was able to go to his and pick up the spares.
I then retraced my route, in case I found them lying on the pavement, but they were nowhere to be seen.

This was Tuesday evening, and on Thursday morning, the post landed with an extra loud thump on the mat.
I opened the envelope and out popped my keys!

I knew there was nothing on the keys to mark the address - all it had was little keyfob which acted as a loyalty card for the supermarket.
Someone had found my keys, handed them in to Tescos, who had them traced my address on the computer and sent them to me.

How impressive is that!

I had not expected to see them again, but thanks to the integrity of the person who had handed them in, they were returned.
It's was a little thing for a complete stranger to do, but it gave me a real injection of feelgood factor, and put a smile on my face.

Ok, that's it for today, consider the little things - doing the little things without reward because they are the right thing to do really brings good things, and repeating little steps on a plan can take you to amazing goals.

Have a good week.

'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,
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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Issue 365 - My Adsense Knowledge Can Be Yours

Another Monday creaks around, and I hope all is well where you are.

Last week was my first proper week of training for the marathon, and you won't be surprised to find I found loads of goal achievement truths in it.

The first came when I got my running shoes.
I knew that I would need a good pair, and that I would have to splash the cash, something I avoid if at all possible.

As tempting as it was to get the cheapest pair I could find, I knew that this would be possibly the biggest and easiest mistake I could make in my training, and would possibly stop me even getting to the start line.
In fact, more than possibly, it would *probably* be.

If you're following a tried and tested formula, some things can be tweaked, but somethings have to be left as they are.

So, after some research online, I found out what kind of feet I have, and what kind of shoe I needed.
I looked at the various makes, and found a pair for £50.
In my book that's normally several pairs of shoes, but I bit the bullet and looked further.
I went straight to ebay, and found a brand new pair for £25.
2 days later they were sitting on my feet, and it feels like I'm running on a pair of cushions.
True, it's a pair of cushions with a sodding road underneath, but you get the idea.

I've picked a training schedule which includes a lot walking.
As someone with no knowledge it seems an amazing amount of walking to me, but since 'no knowledge' is exactly where I'm at, I'm sticking with it, and I'll cover it more in future issues.
Last week I did a total of 14 miles, so that's a good start.

I don't normally recommend products in this newsletter, (apart from my own that is!)
Any new products will be advertised by all and sundry anyway, so I've never felt the need, apart from the fact that this newsletter's not really about that.

Last week I bought my first new product for ages, and I'm sort of recommending it, but not.
Stay with me on this one...

The product is called Adsense Videos, and in them Michael Cheney shows exactly how he uses Google's Adsense program, bringing him $19,000 in February this year.
The videos are short and sweet, and nicely presented.
I reckon his tips about design and layout are enough to boost anyone's adsense earnings.
The videos come with a money back guarantee, so if you fancy a peek, here's the link, which you can see is my affiliate link!


A lot of the content of the videos is standard foundation internet marketing, stuff which you can easily pick up for free online, or just by asking people like me!
For the complete beginner, I'm not sure the videos are fully worth the money, and for the more experienced at using Google Adsense, the tips are things that you can find simply by looking at Michael's websites!
So you see why I recommend them, and yet don't at the same time?

Here's what I thought.
Having mentioned that most of the video content is basic internet marketing, and the specific adsense tips can be seen online anyway, how about if I let you ask me your questions on Google Adsense, and I'll tell you all I know on the subject, to save you having to search it all online.

The Adsense Videos cost $87, but if you buy my 'Marathon Million' book for $27, I will open up my Adsense knowledge to you.
Not only will you save $60, you'll also get both of my books, plus you'll get an image link on my site, plus 25% will go to charity.
If you prefer to buy the videos, that's fine, as my affiliate commission is *more* than the $27 I get if you buy my book.

'Hmm, why then,' I hear you ask, 'would you prefer us to buy your book?'
Ooh, good question, and the answer is this -
I want to get my book out and about as much as possible, build interest, and also build up the charity donations, which will help to get me in the race.
For the 2006 marathon just gone, 140,000 applications came in for the 34,000 places.

Ok, that's it for today.
If you want to look at the $87 videos, which I bought last week, here's the link:

If you want to buy my books for $27 and sponsor me for metres of the marathon, and then ask me for all my Adsense knowledge, here's the link:

'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Issue 364 - Be Yourself Or Make An Impression?

I hope Tuesday finds you well.
It was another Bank Holiday here in the UK yesterday, so I decided to take the day off, so this is the first Tuesday Issue for a while!

Last week I got quite a few emails, telling me that although I was joking, I was naughty to make comments about my wife, calling her 'sick bag ugly'.
I can't deny it, it was naughty, but in fact, it lends itself to the point I want to make today, which is about trying to make an impression.

In fact, Holly was actually a good looker.
I want to put her picture up for you to see, but as an invasion of her privacy that really *would* be naughty, so you'll just have to take my word for it.
Also, I havn't had contact with her for 10 years, so she may have gone downhill...

So way back then, she was one of the most warm and sensitive people I had met, and had a smile that was infectious.
Unfortunately she neglected to tell her face, so her default expression did not reflect this.
Quite the opposite in fact.

Her default face looked like a bulldog chewing a wasp.
Is that the right expression?
Or is it a face like a bulldog's arse?
Or a face like a bulldog's face that's been stung by a wasp?
How about a face like a bulldog's arse that's just been stung by a wasp and then slapped?
You get the idea...

People used to say to me 'what's the matter with her?'
(and that was just the vicar)
Sorry, another joke, I couldn't resist.

Seriously, people used to ask me what she was upset about, when in fact she was quite happily minding her own business, not upset about anything.
I did (carefully) broach the subject with her, and she said she didn't realise she was doing it, and couldn't walk around with a fixed grin on her face just to please others.

In fact, she *could*, but it would have been silly.
Yes, it may have created a better first impression, but you can't permanently put on a fake front.

I remember another expression, which goes something like 'be who you are, be true to yourself, because those that matter don't mind, and those that mind don't matter.'

On the same subject of making an impression, I was at a gig the other week, and my friend Liz introduced me to a girl there.

Incidentally, Liz has a site she put together using SiteBuildIt, and she loves the whole package, so if you fancy a peek, her site is at:

She is also the sponsor of metres 2 & 3 of my marathon, link below.
So, Liz introduced me, and told me to tell the girl my story of the dating site which had stung me for an extra month's subscription, as this girl was also on the site.
I told her the story, and when we compared what we were looking for, we were both surprised that we hadn't been in contact via the site.
Anyhoo, at the end of the evening, she asked me to go out.
I just about managed to stay on my feet long enough to say 'ok'.

A few days later, and the date was arranged.
When I go on these partially-sited dates, a friend always says that I should just be myself, before saying 'on second thoughts, try and make a good impression.'
Very droll I'm sure, but it's something I was pondering.

I couldn't decide whether to wear my all-purpose jacket which has seen better days, or my smarter jacket.
I had plumped for my all-purpose jacket, intending to leave it in the car, but at the last minute decided on the smarter one, to make a better inpression.

If it was a movie, as I closed the door, the camera would now close in on my mobile phone, nestling quite happily in the pocket of the jacket I had originally chosen....

I got to the pub as arranged, but she didn't appear.
By that time I had realised I didn't have my phone with me, and was shaking my head at the 'sod's law' situation I was now in.

After a 50 minute wait, I went home, and found a message telling me that she was waiting about 15 miles in the opposite direction.

I explained what had happened, but she was unable to see the funny side, and I've not heard from her since.

It seems the time between me meeting someone and getting dumped is getting shorter.
It's almost at the point where I'm scared to go out, in case a complete stranger comes up to me, delivers a huge slap and yells 'you're dumped', before running off.

So, what's better, to be yourself, or to make a good impression?
The answer is...

being yourself and making a good impression should be the same thing anyway!

Ok, have a good week.
'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,
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