Sunday, May 07, 2006

Issue 365 - My Adsense Knowledge Can Be Yours

Another Monday creaks around, and I hope all is well where you are.

Last week was my first proper week of training for the marathon, and you won't be surprised to find I found loads of goal achievement truths in it.

The first came when I got my running shoes.
I knew that I would need a good pair, and that I would have to splash the cash, something I avoid if at all possible.

As tempting as it was to get the cheapest pair I could find, I knew that this would be possibly the biggest and easiest mistake I could make in my training, and would possibly stop me even getting to the start line.
In fact, more than possibly, it would *probably* be.

If you're following a tried and tested formula, some things can be tweaked, but somethings have to be left as they are.

So, after some research online, I found out what kind of feet I have, and what kind of shoe I needed.
I looked at the various makes, and found a pair for £50.
In my book that's normally several pairs of shoes, but I bit the bullet and looked further.
I went straight to ebay, and found a brand new pair for £25.
2 days later they were sitting on my feet, and it feels like I'm running on a pair of cushions.
True, it's a pair of cushions with a sodding road underneath, but you get the idea.

I've picked a training schedule which includes a lot walking.
As someone with no knowledge it seems an amazing amount of walking to me, but since 'no knowledge' is exactly where I'm at, I'm sticking with it, and I'll cover it more in future issues.
Last week I did a total of 14 miles, so that's a good start.

I don't normally recommend products in this newsletter, (apart from my own that is!)
Any new products will be advertised by all and sundry anyway, so I've never felt the need, apart from the fact that this newsletter's not really about that.

Last week I bought my first new product for ages, and I'm sort of recommending it, but not.
Stay with me on this one...

The product is called Adsense Videos, and in them Michael Cheney shows exactly how he uses Google's Adsense program, bringing him $19,000 in February this year.
The videos are short and sweet, and nicely presented.
I reckon his tips about design and layout are enough to boost anyone's adsense earnings.
The videos come with a money back guarantee, so if you fancy a peek, here's the link, which you can see is my affiliate link!


A lot of the content of the videos is standard foundation internet marketing, stuff which you can easily pick up for free online, or just by asking people like me!
For the complete beginner, I'm not sure the videos are fully worth the money, and for the more experienced at using Google Adsense, the tips are things that you can find simply by looking at Michael's websites!
So you see why I recommend them, and yet don't at the same time?

Here's what I thought.
Having mentioned that most of the video content is basic internet marketing, and the specific adsense tips can be seen online anyway, how about if I let you ask me your questions on Google Adsense, and I'll tell you all I know on the subject, to save you having to search it all online.

The Adsense Videos cost $87, but if you buy my 'Marathon Million' book for $27, I will open up my Adsense knowledge to you.
Not only will you save $60, you'll also get both of my books, plus you'll get an image link on my site, plus 25% will go to charity.
If you prefer to buy the videos, that's fine, as my affiliate commission is *more* than the $27 I get if you buy my book.

'Hmm, why then,' I hear you ask, 'would you prefer us to buy your book?'
Ooh, good question, and the answer is this -
I want to get my book out and about as much as possible, build interest, and also build up the charity donations, which will help to get me in the race.
For the 2006 marathon just gone, 140,000 applications came in for the 34,000 places.

Ok, that's it for today.
If you want to look at the $87 videos, which I bought last week, here's the link:

If you want to buy my books for $27 and sponsor me for metres of the marathon, and then ask me for all my Adsense knowledge, here's the link:

'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,
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