Monday, February 02, 2009

Issue 500 - Thank You And Goodnight Vienna?

I hope today finds you well.

We had the heaviest snow here overnight in Britain for 18 years, so everything has ground to a halt.
I had a day off anyway, so was able to tuck myself in and enjoy a late night watching the SuperBowl.

Work has meant it was the only NFL game I got to see this season, and it made up for it by being a cracker!

It's fairly easy to use the SuperBowl to make money online, my guide tells you how, and this is one subject I have written about many times over the 500 Issues of this newsletter.

Wow 500 Issues! I started in February 2003, so that's 6 years of waffle.
I always intended to write with a focus on goal achievement and wealth creation, not just financial wealth but the welath of abundance.

I've had some good laughs along the way, and I feel that after 500 Issues and 6 years I am repeating the same ideas just a touch too often.

I put out 3 issues a week for a long time, then went to 1 a week, but I find more and more that although I am happy to repeat the same theories that have worked for me, it may not make such good reading.

So I think I'll stop the regular weekly issue, and move to posting to the blog when I have something I feel is really moving me to post.

You may have been a new reader, or you may have been along for the journey for a long time.
Either way, there is no point in me writing without there being anyone reading, so I genuinely thank you.

Thanks also for the emails and comments - they may have made me laugh, they may have stirred debate, but they showed that people were reading, so thanks again.

I was wondering how to best sum up the ideas I have tried to put across over the 500 Issues, and came up with this -

Don't tell me what you can't do, tell me what you can.
Better yet, don't tell me what you can do, tell me what you will do.
Better yet, don't tell me what you will do, tell me that you did it.

That seems to sum it up, as does this - pick a goal, find out what steps to take, then take the first step.
It's a simple theory, but can bring changes to your life in a short space of time that you would never have believed possible.

Ok, that's it!
Keep reading the blog, and I wish you as always,
Health & Happiness,

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