Monday, February 26, 2007

Issue 406 - Quick It's March 1st - Set Your New Year Resolutions!

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I hope Monday finds you well.

Quick marathon update.
8 weeks to go 'til the 'race', and yesterday I did 15 miles in 3 hours 1 minute.
That's staying with my target time.
I had remembered my padded shorts, so the old area of chafing was trouble free.
Unfortunately when I got home I noticed chafing in a new, and quite frankly disturbing area.

Let's just say I won't be rushing out to book any horse riding lessons, are you with me?
Although I might invest in one of those blow up cushions that look like a ring doughnut, do you follow?


You may remember (although I accept the possibility that you don't), that last week I said I might be writing today about how to seduce women with your thumbs.
Well at the mo I have loads of subjects to write about, they are stacking up a bit, so that issue will be shunted back.

I also want to talk about the Hubble space telescope, how close the whole project came to collapse.
I also want to talk about money in sport, specifically a new book I've written, the boxer Lennox Lewis, womens' tennis, and Italian skiing.

So, with all that upcoming, today's issue is called 'Quick! It's March 1st, Set Your New Year Resolutions!

Every New Year the old chesnut of New Year resolutions comes up.
It seems that every newsletter online focuses on the subject - why to set them, why not to set them, how to set them, er, how not to set them, blah blah, yada yada.
Then a week later, those same newsletters go back to the focus of 'buy my latest product.'

I make my view known around the same time, don't get me wrong, but since the whole point of this newsletter is goal achievement and self improvement, I reckon I'm allowed to.
I tend to say that a joking 'intending to fail' resolution is bad news, as it tells your subconscious mind all the wrong messages.

So here we are, with March 1st looming this week.
If you made any resolutions at all in the New Year, how well are they going?
Has anything changed between then and now, or are things exactly the same as they were.
If they're the same, is that what you want?
If that isn't what you want, what will you do about it the next 2 months that you *didn't* do in the last 2 months?

Basically what I'm saying, is that March 1st is a great time to set your yearly goals.
You don't get caught up in all the New Year nonsense.
You have had a chance to assess how the year has gone, and how it will carry on if you let it.
It's a much better date to decide by yourself, for yourself, what you want for the upcoming 12 months.

Then you can look back on March 1st 2008 and do another check.
When people ask you about your resolutions on Jan 1st 2008, you can tell them about your March 1st goals.
If they know anything about goal achievement, they'll smile and acknowledge your plan.
If they know nothing about goal achievement, they'll laugh at your 'silly idea.'

You'll be the one laughing loudest though, when you see how setting March 1st resolutions makes much more powerful changes in your life.

I hope you can see the logic here, I welcome your feedback as ever, and if you don't think the idea's any good, let me know what you've done goal achievement wise in the last 2 months.

Before I sign off, I must give a mention to Martin Avis' newsletter.
A fellow Brit, he has the same sense of humour as me, I always get a smile and a lift from reading his Kickstart Newsletter.
This week he features a 10,000 foot skydive from a sufferer of motor neuron disease- very inspirational.
It's well worth a read, and it's well worth signing up to:

Ok, that's it for today, don't forget to make your March 1st Resolutions on Thursday!

'Til next time,
Health and Happiness,
P.S. If you know anyone else who you think would enjoy the Great Gordino Newsletter, please pass it on to them!

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Issue 405 - A Great Pair of Tips!

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I hope everything is well where you are.

Did you get loads of Valentine's Day cards?
I had oiled the letterbox with WD40, got in emergency supplies in case my pile of cards was so big that I couldn't get to the door, and waited....

I'm still waiting, and letterbox was so untroubled I could hear the tumbleweed rolling past.
It's bloody saying something when the card I sent to myself didn't even turn up!
I won't be wasting £1.50 like that again in a while (about a year probably).

Last week this newsletter had its' 4th anniversary, and I wrote how I used my weekly activities to relate my self improvement ideas.
4 years ago I certainly wasn't writing about curling, but it's slap in the middle of my thoughts at the moment, so here we go...

I'm calling this week's issue 'A Great Pair Of Tips'.
I went for a training session last week, and was a bit concerned.
I knew I had developed bad habits in my delivery, and was not sure well I would be able to unlearn them.

The session was taken by a girl who has been playing for over 20 years.
She's Canadian, where curling is massive.
She asked me what I wanted out of the session, and after I'd told her she asked me to deliver some stones so she could she my action.

After my first go she said 'I can see what you're doing wrong,' and gave me advice.
I tried to do what she said, and the next throw was about a gazillion times better!
She then gave the whole group some general tips, one of which I knew would be relevant to me.
All that took about 20 minutes.

I could not believe just 20 minutes and 2 tips would make such a difference!
Actually I'm lying, I could believe it.

I remember a drummer gave me 2 tips once which made a huge difference.
So it doesn't surprise me, but it gives me a boost and a smile whenever I personally experience it myself.

It doesn't take a seminar, or an essay, or a textbook.
Just a couple of tips from an outsider with greater knowledge.
2 tips at a time is enough to work on without overcomplicating things.
It's hugely powerful stuff.

I talk about it in my book, 'Transform Your Life in 21Days!', and if you want simple effective tips on how to change your circumstances, it really is worth a read to see how I did it myself.

Over the weekend I played in a curling tournament, and won my first prize!
Ok, it was the booby prize for coming last, but I was able to use my new technique, and boy did I see a difference!

I was also able to play with people who have represented England in Europe, so was soaking up the experience they had to show - fantastic, just the kind of knowledge sharing I always waffle on about!

Ok, that's it for today - is there a situation in your life which could be improved by a great pair of tips?

I'll see you next time when, depending on what happens during my week, I'm aiming to talk about how to seduce women with your thumbs!

'Til next time,
Health and Happiness,
P.S. If you know anyone else who you think would enjoy the Great Gordino Newsletter, please pass it on to them!

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Issue 404 - 4th Birthday for The Great Gordino Newsletter!

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I hope Monday finds you well.

This newsletter is 4 years old this week.
Regular readers will know that on every 50th issue I like to print a piece called 'The Desiderata', one of the rare times I use someone else's writing.
Since I hit issue 400 only a few weeks ago, I'm not going to use it again this week, so it's just plain old me again!

What I will do is re-iterate my basic philosophy.
When issue number 1 of The Great Gordino Newsletter slipped online in February 2003, the idea was to use current events, both in my life and the world around me, to illustrate my ideas.
I chose the 3 main areas of focus as goal achievement, self improvement, and wealth creation.

The ideas I believed then are the same as they are now which in an nutshell are -
Self improvement is a choice, You either choose to do it or you choose not to.
If you choose to do it, you then get your attitudes right, including taking responsibility for your actions and the consequences.
Then you follow tried and tested goal achievement theories.
There are lots of them about, they are not hard to find. As you progress, you'll find the way which works for you.
When you then back all this up with taking action, you can achieve amazing things you hadn't thought possible.

If you are after creation of financial wealth, that's certainly possible with the internet, even more so today than in 2003, but it's vital not to forget the wealth of abundance we already have around us.

If you can read this on your computer, you are in the smallest percentage of people on the planet.
You and I can say pretty much anything we want, maybe against our government if we choose, and we are at liberty to do so.
We can look around and enjoy the nature around us without fear of an armed rebel coming at us with a rifle or machete.
We can get a drink of clean water, we can go and get some chocolate from the well stocked cupboard (very well stocked in my case).

Let's appreciate what we have.

Some people say I spend too long wearing slap-happy-clappy rose tinted glasses.


Well, not everything is perfect.
Lots of things are wrong, some of them badly, and change can be dreadfully slow.
Change is possible though, we can do something about it.

In 2005 I stood for Parliament in my country's election.
I didn't win, but I was able to stand up and take part in the democratic process.

Treat other people as you would be treated yourself - it's an old adage, but it's a good'un.
If you follow it, integrity will usually be at your side.

Just as importantly, let's flip the saying - treat yourself as you would treat others.
Show integrity towards *yourself*.
Do yourself justice.

If you want to do something, if you know you should do something, don't leave it at 'wanting' or 'knowing'
Take it onwards to the doing!

Taking responsibility doesn't mean blaming yourself, it means accepting that consequence follows your actions.
It has done in your past, and it will do in your future, starting with right here and now.

If your year so far is following the same pattern as last year, that's because you are taking the same actions!
If you want a different result, take a different action.

Back in 2003, setting up an internet business could be tricky.
It could take time, and money.
Fast forward to today, and things have changed dramatically!

You can use free options to create a web presence, maybe on myspace, maybe with a free blog.
You can generate free targeted traffic without wasting your money on the garbage schemes which don't work.

You can create your own product again for free, or you can find other products to sell.
With all that going on, if you aren't making money online, where do you think the cause is - the internet, or you?

The ideas which I relate using current events in the newsletter, are explained in full in my book 'Transform Your Life in 21 Days!'
I wrote that in 2003, and am as proud of it now as I was then.

There is no reason on earth why you can't take advantage of the affiliate programme, and earn nearly $20 per sale.

Or, you can start selling information products for just $7.
Information products are great because they can be set up so easily.
If you want to find out about selling information products for $7, here's my site:

You then just need to know how to drive traffic to your site.
You won't be surprised to know I've written a guide to that too!
The method I use can be seen at:

If you buy the $7 book via my link, I will give you my traffic guide for free.
Or you can get the traffic guide for just $7.
You can then promote both, and keep all the $7 from purchases!

So, that's it for today.

As I crack into the 5th year of the newsletter, thanks for reading.
Without readers there would be no point in writing, and I appreciate your ongoing feedback.
I'm intending to carry on waffling about how you can imrove yourself by choosing to follow goal achievement techniques.
You can create and enjoy wealth in your life, you just need to believe it and act on it, and as I've given you the option of tools in today's newsletter, that's what I'll carry on doing.

Let me know if you think I'm on the right track, and if you enjoy my witterings, please pass it on to any friends who you think will enjoy it too!

'Til next time,
Health and Happiness,
Transform Your Life in 21Days!

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Issue 403 - How To Make Money From The Superbowl

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I hope everything is ok where you are.
I have had a busy couple of days.

I stayed up to watch the Superbowl last night.
Of course I work for myself from home, so I can set my own hours - I love it!

The Superbowl is America's self proclaimed 'greatest show on earth', although over here in Britain it is a small niche sport at best.
I love it though.

For the last few years, a pay per view channel has been showing the 'Lingerie Bowl' at half time.
Models play a short game of American Football dressed up in lacy lingerie.
Some people have called it a disgrace, others see the funny side, and I made sure that I checked it out again this year, just to remind myself how much of a disgrace it was...

Considering the Superbowl is an all American commercial fest, its surprising that it was a British businessman who came up with a marketing idea of monstrous proportions.

This was the 41st Superbowl, so the idea was to create a celebration of the previous 40, but to make it BIG.
The book weighs over 90 lbs, that's no misprint - 90lbs!
It lists every play of all 40 games, with hundreds of never before seen photos.
There are 20,000 printed, and they sell for $4000 each!

Do a bit of maths and you can see the figures get exciting.
That's not the end of it though - the first 200 copies are hand signed by all the living 'best player of the game', from those 40 Superbowls.
These 200 copies sell for $40,000 each!

Do the maths again, and the size of the potential is clear.
What a fantastic idea, although I don't suppose you'd want to let your little kid have a read with his chocolatey fingers!

You have to admire selling a book for $40,000, especially 200 of them, but is there a way to profit selling books at the other end of the scale?

The answer's yes.

I came across a guide last week which tells how to sell information products for $7 and make a good profit.
I got a copy, and I liked it.

I don't normally recommend other people's books, but this is an exception.
I like the style, short and sweet, and the information is good.

You can also prpmote the book yourself and keep the full $7 price yourself!
The method is explained in the book.

However, I noticed a flaw right away.
There was no mention in the book of how to generate traffic.

It's the lifeblood of any business online, and to miss it out is a shame in my view.
It might leave newcomers unsure as to what to do, and ending up doing nothing.

So, over the weekend, I came up with a solution.
I wrote a guide to the single most effective traffic technique I personally use.
I called it the 'Tireless Traffic Technique.'
I used the exact techniques mentioned in the 7 Dollar Secret book, meaning I charge $7 for it, and anyone can promote it and keep the full $7 themselves.

I've decided to offer the traffic guide free to anyone who buys the 7 Dollar book through my link.
If you buy 7 Dollar Secrets via this link:
I'll then email you a copy of my traffic technique.
You can then promote both and keep all the $7 sales!

If you've already bought 7 Dollar Secrets, and many people have, can I suggest you still buy my 'Tireless Traffic Technique'.
Once you've read it, you'll see how it compliments the 7 Dollar book, and you'll want to promote it, detail on how to do that are in the guide.
Once again, here's my link to the 7 Dollar book

And here's the link to my Tireless Traffic Technique

Buy the 7 Dollar Secrets, and I'll give you my traffic book, but if you already have the 7 Dollar guide, my traffic book is still great value - plus you get my advice at the end of an email!
I had a busy old time getting this together, and I'm pleased with the result.

I still had time for some fun over the weekend, the Lingerie Bowl apart.

I went to a jam, and ended up playing a song on bass that I hadn't played for ages.
I used one of the oldest entertainment tricks in the book. I realised that I had played a few bad notes, so quickly began singing some even worse notes over the top.
It sure took the attention away from my bass playing! Here's a picture:

Ok, that's it for today - are you ready to jump start your information selling internet business?

'Til next time,
Health and Happiness,
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