Monday, February 12, 2007

Issue 404 - 4th Birthday for The Great Gordino Newsletter!

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I hope Monday finds you well.

This newsletter is 4 years old this week.
Regular readers will know that on every 50th issue I like to print a piece called 'The Desiderata', one of the rare times I use someone else's writing.
Since I hit issue 400 only a few weeks ago, I'm not going to use it again this week, so it's just plain old me again!

What I will do is re-iterate my basic philosophy.
When issue number 1 of The Great Gordino Newsletter slipped online in February 2003, the idea was to use current events, both in my life and the world around me, to illustrate my ideas.
I chose the 3 main areas of focus as goal achievement, self improvement, and wealth creation.

The ideas I believed then are the same as they are now which in an nutshell are -
Self improvement is a choice, You either choose to do it or you choose not to.
If you choose to do it, you then get your attitudes right, including taking responsibility for your actions and the consequences.
Then you follow tried and tested goal achievement theories.
There are lots of them about, they are not hard to find. As you progress, you'll find the way which works for you.
When you then back all this up with taking action, you can achieve amazing things you hadn't thought possible.

If you are after creation of financial wealth, that's certainly possible with the internet, even more so today than in 2003, but it's vital not to forget the wealth of abundance we already have around us.

If you can read this on your computer, you are in the smallest percentage of people on the planet.
You and I can say pretty much anything we want, maybe against our government if we choose, and we are at liberty to do so.
We can look around and enjoy the nature around us without fear of an armed rebel coming at us with a rifle or machete.
We can get a drink of clean water, we can go and get some chocolate from the well stocked cupboard (very well stocked in my case).

Let's appreciate what we have.

Some people say I spend too long wearing slap-happy-clappy rose tinted glasses.


Well, not everything is perfect.
Lots of things are wrong, some of them badly, and change can be dreadfully slow.
Change is possible though, we can do something about it.

In 2005 I stood for Parliament in my country's election.
I didn't win, but I was able to stand up and take part in the democratic process.

Treat other people as you would be treated yourself - it's an old adage, but it's a good'un.
If you follow it, integrity will usually be at your side.

Just as importantly, let's flip the saying - treat yourself as you would treat others.
Show integrity towards *yourself*.
Do yourself justice.

If you want to do something, if you know you should do something, don't leave it at 'wanting' or 'knowing'
Take it onwards to the doing!

Taking responsibility doesn't mean blaming yourself, it means accepting that consequence follows your actions.
It has done in your past, and it will do in your future, starting with right here and now.

If your year so far is following the same pattern as last year, that's because you are taking the same actions!
If you want a different result, take a different action.

Back in 2003, setting up an internet business could be tricky.
It could take time, and money.
Fast forward to today, and things have changed dramatically!

You can use free options to create a web presence, maybe on myspace, maybe with a free blog.
You can generate free targeted traffic without wasting your money on the garbage schemes which don't work.

You can create your own product again for free, or you can find other products to sell.
With all that going on, if you aren't making money online, where do you think the cause is - the internet, or you?

The ideas which I relate using current events in the newsletter, are explained in full in my book 'Transform Your Life in 21 Days!'
I wrote that in 2003, and am as proud of it now as I was then.

There is no reason on earth why you can't take advantage of the affiliate programme, and earn nearly $20 per sale.

Or, you can start selling information products for just $7.
Information products are great because they can be set up so easily.
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You won't be surprised to know I've written a guide to that too!
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Or you can get the traffic guide for just $7.
You can then promote both, and keep all the $7 from purchases!

So, that's it for today.

As I crack into the 5th year of the newsletter, thanks for reading.
Without readers there would be no point in writing, and I appreciate your ongoing feedback.
I'm intending to carry on waffling about how you can imrove yourself by choosing to follow goal achievement techniques.
You can create and enjoy wealth in your life, you just need to believe it and act on it, and as I've given you the option of tools in today's newsletter, that's what I'll carry on doing.

Let me know if you think I'm on the right track, and if you enjoy my witterings, please pass it on to any friends who you think will enjoy it too!

'Til next time,
Health and Happiness,
Transform Your Life in 21Days!

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