Monday, June 23, 2008

Issue 473 - Get Your Hands Off!

I hope Monday finds you well.

Before I crack on with today's issue, it seems the cost of the athletes village for London 2012 is rising dramatically again, to the point where it won't be built unless the taxpayer stumps up even more.
I can think of a few athletes I would quite happily give a room to, and here's a clue - none of them are men, and none of them are shot putters...

So today's issue was prompted by someone asking me about the type of people that read this newsletter.
I answered that I guess it's people wanting to hear how I can turn stubbing my toe, or buying a can of beans, or my sorry love life into a goal achievement or self improvement nugget!
Most of the time I'm interested myself! (of course maybe that's why my love life *is* so sorry!)

For some reason, this story came to mind...
When I was 30 I had a passionate year long fling with an 18 year old.
When she dumped me on her 19th, it sent me spiralling into the abyss of depression.

Anyhoo, in the halcyon days before she shattered my life (not bitter), we went to the cinema a few times.
I think the film in question was Evita with Madonna, but it was def. a film I had wanted to see.

Being young and passionate, she started to get frisky when the film was on.
I told her that I wanted to watch the film as 'I had paid 5 sodding pounds'.
Didnt go down too well I can tell you, and maybe laid the seeds for the future devastation!

So what nuggets can be gleaned from that tale?
Well it's all about choice, consequence and responsibility.
I'm pretty sure that me making that choice was one of the factors in the relationship ending, which in turn sent my life in a totally diffferent direction.

Every choice has a consequence, but was I to blame?
Not really, at the time I had no idea that trying to watch the SODDING FILM was such a big deal.
Yes, I may have acted differently had I known, but I do realise that the choice I made had a big impact, so I take responsibility for it.

It also means that my future is formed by the choices I make today, and so is yours.
That's a powerful concept.

Today for example, I know that if a girl starts to have a fumble in the cinema, I should let her - of course the problem today is finding the girl.
Hmm, thinking about it, maybe I should include the shot putters in my letter to Mr. Olympics.

Ok, that's it for today, if you want to read more about my theory of responsibility, and my getting through the depression, you can grab my book 'Transform Your Life in 21 Days!' via the link below.

Right I'm off, Wimbledon has started and it's the mens' matches I'll be glued to...yeah right!!

'Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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