Monday, June 09, 2008

Issue 471 - Fares Please!

I Monday finds you well.

How many times have I written about taking responsibility?
A few times I'm sure you'll agree.

It's a key element to my theories of goal achievement, self improvement and wealth creation.
On a personal level, I think it's important to differentiate between blaming yourself, and taking responsibility.
They are different things, and the main thing is to accept that the choices you made in the past are the reason for your current situation, good or bad.
Yes, there also will have been circumstances beyond your control, but your reactions to those circumstances would have been in your control.

When British Airways made a total hash of the new terminal 5 at Heathrow, the boss publicly said that the buck stopped with them, that they had got it worng.
He also refused to accept a whopping bonus to his salary which was due.
Now let's face it, the boss of British Airways is never going to need money, but it was the gesture that was important, and was well received by staff and unions.

Let's take a look another company, Network Rail.
It's a private company that looks after the railway tracks in this country.

They have been criticised and picked up all sorts of fines from the regulators about continually providing poor service to customers.

So, what happens to the bosses?
They pick up massive bonuses, which are performance related!
The top 3 directors pocketed a nice big 7 figure sum between them.

The company made over a billion pounds profit, so you may think they deserve the profit.
Unfortunately, in what used to be a state run business, they are still subsidised by taxpayers money to the tune of 3 billion pounds, so now the 1 billion profit doesn't look so clever.

Is this taking responsibility?
No, it's more like taking the cash instead, thank-you very much.

This kind of thing happens in all sorts of industries worldwide, where directors get big bonuses for presiding over bad business.
I guess it's something for individual businesses to work out, but with the case of subsidy provided by *my* tax money, I reckon I'm allowed to voice complaint.

Of course in personal development terms, do not let yourself pick up bonuses which are undeserved, you have the power to decide where you own responsibility lies for where your life heads.

Ok, that's it for this week, I'm off to see if Network Rail have any top jobs going...

'Til Next Time,
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