Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Issue 469 - Do You Believe?

I hope Wednesday finds you well.

I didn't write on Monday as it was a national holiday here im the UK, and then I spent all day yesterday thinking that I had written it!
Ooo-er, if that isn't a sign of old age catching up with me, I don't know what is!

A big part of goal achievement theory is that you must believe , both in your worth to achieve the goal, and that the goal will happen.
If you fail to have this belief, you are effectively stating a positive belief in the opposite, and so it's the opposite to success which comes true.

However, belief will not *guarantee* success alone.
There are lots of other factors - taking action is a big one, and there are factors which we can't control.

On Saturday the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest took place in the Serbian capital of Belgrade, watched by 100 million viewers!
The winner was the Russian entry, a song called 'Believe'.

There has been lots of hoo ha in this country about the voting structure, because in the last few years it has been an open telephone vote from the viewers.
This means that the newer countries in the Baltic and Balkans tend to vote for each other, pushing the western European countries ever further down the list.
I'm not too sure about this - it sounds a bit like sour grapes from us, because we haven't won it for many many years, but that drought started long before the telephone voting came in, and both Greece and Finland have won recently, so I don't think the argument holds up that well.

Still, I bet the Russian singer 'Believed' eh? Especially since he had lost a couple of years ago to said Finnish entry, a load of heavy metal rockers in monster masks!

Talking of holding your belief to come back from failure, let's look at Paula Radcliffe.
The marathon world record holder is admired everywhere for her punishing front running style, and was hot favourite to win Olympic Gold in Athens.
Unfortunately the heat and a stomach upset took their toll, and she pulled out at roughly 20 miles, sitting in tears at the side of the road.

Belief is something Radcliffe has in spades though, and she set her sights on this year's Beijing Games.
She has had repeated injury problems though, and has recently been diagnosed with a stress fracture in her leg.
There are now distinct doubts as to whether she'll even get to the start line, let alone be at the top of her abilities.

It may mean she ends her career without that elusive Olympic Gold.
So belief has taken her to a world record and Olympic favouritism, but factors outside her control, i.e her leg bone may stop her goal achievement.

A great example of the power of belief, and the fact that you cannot rely on it alone.

Ok, that's it for today, I believe I'm about to eat some chocolate.

'Til Next Time,
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