Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Issue 466 - Shirley Temple, The Kind Of Face You Could Slap

I hope everything is ok where you are.

Shirley Temple recently turned 80.
It's something when you can look back and think your movie career ended 70 odd years ago!

I remember often seeing her films when I was younger.
The first time she sang 'On The Good Ship Lollipop' you'd think it was really sweet.
The second time you'd think the novelty was wearing off.
The third time you'd think she had a face you could slap.

Not a real wallop you understand, not a crack around the head with a sawn off baseball bat or anything, just a little tap maybe...
Only joking, and Shirley made a successful career for herself after the movies, serving as US ambassador to 2 countries.

I watched a documentary about an Irish entertainer who has also turned 80 - Val Doonican.
He's someone else I remember watching - he was on tv for around 25 years.

Working hard at his craft of music, he slowly developed work, and then joined a group.
It was when he was in a show with Anthony Newley that Newley said he should be doing solo work, so he did indeed go solo.

Then he was asked to be on 'Sunday Night at the London Palladium,' a huge show watched by millions.
The record companies had not given him the time of day before, but within 6 weeks his first record was out and in the top10 of the charts.
He was an overnight success - after 17 years!!

Yet another story, and you know I love them, of how you can't go far wrong if you do something you love, and then work hard at it.
You may get that lucky break like Doonican, who is still touring today, but for every 1 Val Doonican there may be 1,000 musicians working equally as hard who don't get the fame and big bucks.

What's important though is that you are doing something that means something to you.

Another point is that while Doonican was working all those years before the big time, it was *hard* work.
I've done entertaining in small venues, and it can be an almighty slog.

A lot of people 'give up' when they aren't prepared to put up with it like Val was.
I think 'give up' may be the wrong phrase as it implies negativity, a defeat.
That's the wrong way to look at it, it's just a choice of lifestyle, and as long as you accept and take responsibility for your choice, you'll still be content.

Ok, I'm off to the shops to buy some lollipops...

'Til Next Time,
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