Monday, March 31, 2008

Issue 461 - Rebecca Romero Part II

I hope Monday finds you well.

I had to make a decision about the title of today's waffle, I nearly called it 'Staggeringly Bad, Staggeringly Good,' and before I get to Rebecca Romero, I want to cover the staggeringly bad...

The new Terminal 5 (or T5 to use the swanky 21st century name) opened last week.
Years of planning struggles, years of building, and billions of pounds led British Airways to declare 'we're ready!' and that the terminal would offer a smooth experience from day 1...

What actually happened was that despite 6 months of training, staff didn't know where to park, so arrived late, and once they'd got through security, they then got lost in the building.
(this isn't an April Fool by the way, it was all too real)

This meant that the fancy new luggage handling system didnt have enough staff to do the actual handling, leading to massive backups.
This led to passengers only being allowed to check in hand luggage (quite what they were supposed to do with their suitcase I don't know), and then when the backup got so bad, flights were cancelled en masse....

All in all a shambles and an airport with one of the worst reputations in the world did a good job of justifying that reputation!

You'd think the project had been run by one of the idiots from The Apprenctice, but no, it would have been 'professionals.'
British Airways admitted to 'minor problems' and said 'it wasn't their finest hour'.

That's British understatement in full flow, as the T5 fiasco adds to our recent line of big project cock ups, from the Millenium Dome, to the Wembley sports stadium, to T5.
God help the 2012 Olympics...

That leads me, and rather smoothly even if I say so myself, to Rebecca Romero Part II.
I first wrote about her last year with the title 'Rebecca Rows To Cycling Celebration.'

After being a World Champion rower, and winning Olympic silver for Britain in Athens, Rebecca decided to give up rowing and try something new.

She wobbled round a cycling track and couldn't believe how the riders didn't fall off the sloped banking, but within 6 months she was riding high at last year's World Championships.
This year the pressure of expectation was on her, but she delivered with 2 golds, and is now a hot favourite for gold in China - not many people medal at the Olympics in 2 sports, so her already impressive list of achievements could get longer.

She's also talked about beach volleyball for the 2012 Olympic, and providing the court is built in time (London, so don't hold your breath), then I wouldn't put it past her.

Rebecca just decided that she will do something, finds out how to do it, and then gets on with the hard work.
Yes, she is a natural athlete, and has the legs and lungs to pull it off, but she also has the crucial mindset.

Self belief, combined with research and hard work, can take you to the most unimaginable places.

Ok, that's it for this week, as I shake my head at the staggeringly bad example of Britain this week, I also applaud and learn from the staggeringly good.

'Til Next Time,
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