Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Issue 460 - To Pop Or Not To Pop?

I hope you had a good weekend, whether you celebrated or not.
There was a huge amount of chocolate consumed at my end, I can tell you that for nothing!

A reader asked me how me my marathon training was going, so I thought I'd give an update.
Not long to go now, the race is April 13th, my race number is 4338, and as to how my training's going (huge amounts of chocolate notwithstanding!)...

Well it could be better to tell the truth.

I had the setback when I had manflu during the curling national champs, and lately my big toe has been giving me grief.
I suspect the reason for that is also curling related - I have switched to a new sweeping style, and although the new style has reduced wasted motion which caused my vomiting, the new style is heavy duty on my big toe, and curling shoes are fairly flat footed.

As a result, not only does the foot hurt when I run, but this weekend when I did a 15 mile stint, my over-compensation for the big toe meant I had a massive blister on my little toe.
It was a whopper - in fact it was so big it was hard to tell what was toe and what was blister.
I could have used it as a pillow, it was that big.
Now I know how Quasimodo felt (well, if his hump had been on his foot).

So, to sum up, I'm hoping the crowd is as encouraging as everyone says, because I reckon I'll need it!
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As I read the paper this weekend I saw an article which seemed to make a great newsletter subject, on integrity.
It seemed that some MPs had voted in Parliament to close lots of village Post Offices, but within 30 minutes they were in local meetings set up to save village Post Offices!

It's this kind of thing which made me stand in the election in 2005 - where is the integrity, to say one thing and then vote the opposite?
It's a good point, but on reading the article past the headline and first paragraph, it's a different story...

In fact the MPs concerned had voted against a general opposition motion to halt the closures totally, because they felt it was a flawed plan.
This is something completely different, but I only found it out by reading into the depths of the article.
Had I just left it at the headline and first paragraph, I would have rolled my eyes and formed an impression of the MPs concerned which would be, well, wrong.

The media love to present stories with a twist that *they* want you to see, so actually the lesson about not believing everything you read is more important than the integrity of MPs.

If someone tells you something, check it, don't just accept it right away.
This particularly applies when someone knocks your goals - they may not have a clue what they are talking about, or want you to fail for *their* purposes.

Hold your own beliefs.

Ok, I'm off to go back to my blister dilemma, should I pop or not, and I'll leave you with the thought - do you make your own decisions based on proper research?

'Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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