Monday, April 07, 2008

Issue 462 - Ready, Set, Go...

I hope everything is ok where you are.

This time next week I will probably be lying down in a dark room with a wet towel on my head - it's the London Marathon on Sunday.

Last year when I did the distance on my own it was the hottest race day they had ever had, and yet this weekend there was heavy snow - it would be amazing if the race was run in snow next weekend.
I'm looking forward to the excitement of it - I've never even been to watch before, and it's supposed to be good.

My race number is 4338, look out for me (start by watching the ambulances) and wish me luck.
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It will be the culmination of a 2 year goal for me.
I set out to run the race to mark me hitting 40.
I didnt get in the actual race in 2007, so ran it myself on the same day on my own around my local streets.

Then when I entered this year I had not expected to get in, and got a place in the ballot!
Although that meant a lot more training which I wasn't overjoyed about, it did mean yet another example of goals coming true if you set them, work towards them and take action.
It might take longer than you thought, in this case a year longer, but nevertheless, the tick will be going on the list come next weekend!

I hope my journey is less stressful than that of the Olympic Torch.
Its' travels through London were marked by fierce anti-China protests, and the same thing has happened in Paris - they had to put the torch out 3 times as the protestors overwhelmed the security forces.

It's a strange one this - should sport be used to make political points, or is it unacceptable to accept the behaviour of nations just so a sporting event can go ahead?
My view would tend to be that the athletes themselves are just that - athletes.
They have trained and dreamt of Olympic glory, and to have it taken away by suit wearing politicians is hard indeed.

The Olympic ideal says that it is sport against sport - end of story.
Of course in reality, the Olympic organisation itself is not exacltly whiter than white, in fact it can often smell badly of corruption, so if that's the case it's not surprising that politicians seek to make gain with one protest or another.

As with most things, this one is a choice for the individual, and should be made with a full research and understanding of the positions involved, not just a knee jerk reaction to headlines.

Ok, that's it for this week - what will you be doing come 8am GMT next Sunday?

'Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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