Monday, April 14, 2008

Issue 463 - 31,716th

I hope Monday finds you well.

It finds me with sore legs - no surprise there since I did the London marathon yesterday, the centenary year of the set distance of 26 miles, 385 yards.

I came 31716th, out of around 35,000.
My time was 5 hours 48, which made me laugh, since last year when I did the thing on my own, I did it in 5 hours 45!
Still, although I didnt get my personal best(!) I suppose I am consistent...

It was great fun, really friendly happy atmosphere.
The organisation of the event is mind bogglingly efficient, nothing is left out.

I had to start slowly because of the obvious amount of people around me, there's no room to move, but it only takes a couple of miles before you do get the room to go at your own pace.

For the first 13 miles I felt fine, but at that point you go past a load of runners going back the other way, at the 22 mile mark!
When you realise you have 9 miles still to go just to get where they are, the brain starts to suggest stopping as being a good idea!

The 'light showers' forecast turned out to be huge downpours and I got soaked, but to be honest that was more refreshing than annoying.

My left knee started to sieze up, not quite sure why, and after that it was a case of 'get to the finish'.
I was happy to get my finisher medal, which I thought would be plastic, but it's a good old solid metal effort, very nice.

When you see all the people doing the race in fancy dress on TV, you wonder how they manage it, but when you see them next to you, it becomes even more impressive to see, and they raise a huge amount for charity.

Over the years the race has generated over 360 million pounds, 45 million last year alone.
I wasn't registered with a charity, so didn't push that side of it, but still got contributions totalling $426.
That's over £200 going to 2 good causes, so thank you, thank you, to all of you who donated, it's greatly appreciated.

Will I do it again?
At the moment my answer is 'no'.

My only problem physically today is my left knee, but it is such a long way to go, and the training involved is pretty time consuming.
Of course that's one of the reasons I did the thing - it's a classic challenge to take on, and seemed suitable for me considering all the waffle I do about goal achievement.

Like most goals, finishing a marathon has certain steps...
You decide you will do it.
You believe you will do it.
You research how to do it.
You take the steps you researched.
The end product is what you set out for.

It's a simple formula to look at. Of course in reality the steps can be hard, but end result is usually the same with a consistent application of the steps.

Ok, that's it for this week, I'm off to massage my legs, couldnt find any nubile nurses to do it for me, and I'll leave you with this thought - do you have any marathon goals to tackle?

'Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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