Monday, April 21, 2008

Issue 464 - I'll Smash You In The Face!

I hope everything is ok where you are.

Despite today's title, I don't really want to smash you in the face (although if you took away my chocolate then it may become a possibility...)

No, my point today is to ask whether you'd feel it if I did.
Not because of any weedy smashing ability on my part, but because you would have affected your brain so as not to feel it.

Sound silly? Well, maybe not...

I watched a documentary series recently where a scientist was researching various alternatives to 'conventional' medicine, and one of the topics was hypnotherapy.
As part of the programme, she watched a woman undergo dental treatment with no pain control.

The woman had her 2 front teeth removed and replaced with no anaesthetic at all!
It was quite a thing to watch as the woman was talked to throughout by a hypnotherapist and she constantly wrote her pain level from 1-5 on a pad.
It rarely rose above 1.

It was a stark example of the power we can consciously exert over our own brain, and it's a power which all of us can tap, but so few of us ever do.

While discussing this with a friend the other day, she told me that her father had taught her to say the alphabet backwards, and she trotted it off as quickly as anyone would doing it forwards.

Now, is the ability to say the alphabet backwards any use?
No, none at all - except to remind us of how we learnt to say it forwards, which is to pummel our brain with sound and rhythm patterns.
If I asked you to say the alphabet now, you would most likely respond in the way you were taught it as a nipper, in little couplets.

Again, a powerful reminder of how we can teach our brain by choice.
When we grow up, we stop using this ability, and instead let our brains be directed by the outside world's random input, which unsurprisingly then sends us down roads we are not happy with.

The solution?
Go back to using the old tricks you've known all along, and start to take control of your brain, and as a result, your future.

Ooh, I love writing about this stuff, I could write a book....
What's that I hear you say 'you already did!'

Oh, yes, so I did.
I wrote 'Transform Your Life in 21 Days' based on ideas like these, and it's been selling since 2003.
The link is at the botom if you've not grabbed a copy yet.

Ok, that's it for today, I'm off down the High Street with an 'I'll smash you in the face' tee shirt on...

'Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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