Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Issue 487 - Crash Bang Wallop What A Picture!

I hope Monday finds you well.

It's been a busy old time at the curling rink.
I knew it would be, and it has reminded me of when I was an entertainer at a holiday park many years ago. It was not really possible to view it as a normal 'job' due to the hours, you just had to accept it as a way of life.
Mind you when I did that job it resulted in a mad passionate affair with someone 12 years younger than me, so here's hoping...

As usual there was a bucket load of sport taking place over the weekend. The F1 Grand Prix was on TV at the rink, and there was a moment when a driver pulled away from the pits with the fuel hose attached.
I knew that in the papers there would be a great picture of it, and sure enough, a superb overhead caught the moment just as the mechanics were knocked over by the flying fuel hose (they were unhurt by the way).

There was also another great picture as 2 footballers jumped up to head a ball but ended up contacting each other's head instead! One of them had a particularly flat nose in the picture as it took the full force of the other player's head.

The thing about these great sport photos is that it is just accepted that will appear in the paper, and the process is not really thought about, except maybe the odd idea that it must be a 'great' job.
Of course the reality is that if you choose that job you have to start at the bottom, and spend most of your life in cramped conditions, watching hour after hour of boring sport in case you get the exciting moment. Then if you do and didn't miss it, you have to scurry around to get it circulated, and hope that yours is the one that gets pickd for use.

It's a job that can undoubtedly be rewarding, both financially and artistically, but it also absolutely has to be treated as a way of life rather than a job.
It's something I write about a lot, and it's a vital point about paying the price required for your goal.

You need to accept, fully, what is required to do whatever it is you have in mind. It is then up to you, no-one else, to decide if you want/are able to meet those requirements.
If you can, then great, forward you go. If not, then fair enough, but accept it because this makes it so much easier to find contentment without any lingering 'what ifs?'

Ok, that's it for this week, I'm off to find my camera.

'Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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