Monday, September 08, 2008

Issue 484 - Careful What You Wish For!

Hi ,
I hope everything is ok with you.

Update on the tooth - I saw a very nice lady dentist who had a good dig around before telling me the tooth is wrecked, I would have to come back and have it removed, and she would whack in a temporary filling.

'Can't you just whip it out now?' I pleaded, but to no avail. In fact that's a plea that's often failed, and I'm not talking dentists...

Ok, today's subject - careful what you wish for.

Goal achievement theory can vary depending on who has written it, but it's often said that when you make your list of goals, they need to be specific - very specific.
The reason behind this is that setting goals directs your subconscious mind, and one of those areas is spotting opportunities.
If your goal is not specific enough, you are giving your subconscious too wide a set of parameters, and you may end up with something that wasn't what you intended, but still fits the criteria of your goal.

For an example, you may say you want a million in the bank. Fair enough, but if you aren't specific enough, you may end up with a million in the bank, but owing a million and a half. It fits your goal, but is not at all what you wanted.

Here's how it relates to me...
The further I got into the sport of curling, I told people that I wished it was a sport that had money in it. As it happens, it's one of the hardest sports to make any money at, which is a shame as I would be happy to put in the effort.
In various conversations as well as mentioning this, I mentioned that a source of my writing work had dried up. Before I knew it, the owner of the curling rink told me he was needing someone to work there for the season, and asked if I was interested!

Working at a curling facility is certainly one way to earn money from the sport, and there's only 1 in England. I said yes, so for the next 7 months will be turning tricks at the rink, from serving the bar, to taking newbies onto the ice, to cleaning the toilets...

Is it a coincidence that this offer came up after I told people I wished I could make money from curling?
Quite possibly, that's why they invented the word 'coincidence', but nevertheless it's a great tie in to the theory of making your goals really specific, because what I'd really wished was to make money from playing the game, not sticking my hand round U bends, but I'm looking forward to a good few months of fun (and some sneaky extra practice sessions!)

Ok, that's it for today, I'm off to buy some rubber gloves and some bleach - are your goals specific enough?

'Til Next Time,
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