Monday, January 07, 2008

Issue 449 - First Big Question of 2008?

I hope everything is ok where you are.

Happy New Year!
That's the first thing to say since this is the first newsletter of 2008.
Although is some countries, the first day of Christmas is today the 7th, so Happy Christmas to readers in those parts!

Today I want to focus on my last big question of 2007, and my first big question of 2008, but firstly a quick thanks to those of you that helped with my chocolate brazil crisis. Kim Standerline went so far as to send me a box, which didn't last long let me tell you!

Ok, my last big quandry of 2007 was this - what kind of idiot sets off New Year fireworks at 11.50 pm?
I have quite a view into the distance from my flat, and every year can see the fireworks going off for miles and miles, but why do they start at 11.50?

I can imagine the scene - out in the cold and drak, all wrapped up with fireworks at the ready.
The countdown is on...11.48, not yet, wait for it...11.49 not yet, wait for it...11.50, ok, NOW!

Am I missing something?
I was shouting out of the window, 'NO, NOT NOW!' but to little effect.

The only conclusion I can come to is that maybe it's the local nut house/looney bin having their celebrations, where they think the New Year does indeed start at 11.50.
Mind you, whether they should be having fireworks at all is another matter...

Of course by the time I had pondered this annual quandry, it was past 1200, and into 2008, leading to my first big question of this year...

Why is the word 'fiery' spelt 'fiery?'
Shouldn't it be 'firey?'

The image of lunatics with their early fireworks had conjured up the phrase 'fiery furnace of hell', but even in my mind I spelt it all mixed up.

After all, watery isn't spelt 'watrey'.
'Airy' and 'earthy' are logical, so what's the idea with 'fiery?'

I'm almst tempted to take an English test, just so I can write a note in the margin to the examiner.
'Never mind asking me how to spell,' I'd say, 'you tell *me* the answer!'

It's probably not going to be the biggest question of 2008, but it's a good one to start with.

A question you could as yourself is 'what am I going to do this year?'
If your answer is 'the same as 2007', then your results will be the same as 2007, the logic is easy.
Twist that around, and the logic follows that takingm different actions will lead to different results.

I write about this in my book 'Transform Your Life in 21 Days!' which gives you 21 such ideas, which can totally change your thought patterns if you choose to follow them.
I'm proud of the book - I use all the ideas myself, I think the book stands up today as much as when I wrote it in 2003, and at $27 it's a cheap price!

Why not give it a whirl for the New Year?

Ok, blatant plug out of the way, I'll sign off for this week.
I hope 2008 brings you everything you want, which in my case would be an explanation of a certain word's spelling...

'Til Next Time,
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