Monday, January 21, 2008

Issue 451 - Gordon Forgets His Own Lesson!

I hope everything is ok where you are.

I've had a breakthrough with my marathon training.
As I have been chatting to people about it, and laughing at me getting a place in this year's London race, having done last year's on my own, I realised that I was revelling in being able to moan about it!

I caught myself doing it, and stopped right away - let's face it, the reason I got a place this year was because *I* sent off the application form.
It was *my* spit the sealed the envelope, and it was *my* hand that plopped it into the postbox.
No-one else did it, it was all me, so I realised I needed to 'put up or shut up' to either decide not to do it, or take responsibility and move forward.

Once I'd given myself that mental rap over the knuckles, I could approach my training less grudgingly, and start to enjoy myself.
I also remembered a trick I had discovered during last year's training, and it's a cracker...

Initially I had been plodding along, thinking about all those miles ahead of me, and when you've done it before you *know* that it is indeed a long way!

The trick though, is to think of the time on the move, rather than the miles.
If I imagine that I'm having a nice day out, and will get home thinking 'that was a nice day out,' them my mind changes focus, and rather than think with dread about the miles ahead, I think with enjoyment about the present, that minute that I'm in.
With this trick, if I concentrate on the time, the miles look after themselves.
It worked wonders when I discovered it last year, and I was glad to rediscover it this year, as it has again done the job!

It's an interesting idea, because my body is doing *exactly* the same thing as it was when I was worrying about the mileage.
The actual physical action is exactly the same, but a simple mental twist has changed the experience entirely, and as a result, the aches and pains are felt less.

I talk about both of today's points over and over - because they work.
Take responsibility for your choices and actions, and remember that sometimes if you can't change the circumstance, you need to change the way you think about it!

You won't be surprised to hear that both points are covered in my book 'Transform Your Life in 21 Days!' which covers both mental and physical techniques to change your life. I reckon it's cheap at $27, particularly with the 100% money back guarantee:

I've had a day of dodgy internet connection today, so will get this issue sent while I can!
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