Monday, January 14, 2008

Issue 450 - Please Sponsor My Marathon?

I hope Monday finds you well.

Today is the 450th Issue, but I'm not going to use the normal piece I like to use every 50 issues - I'll save that for the upcoming 5th anniversary in mid February.

Instead I want to cover some achievement areas.
Sir Edmund Hillary died last week.
In 1953, he became the first man to conquer Everest, a genuine peak of human achievement.

He was only 33 when he did it, and was a great example in the post war era of what could be achieved by man.
He had lots of trials and tribulations along the way, but had a clearly defined goal and kept working towards it.

I can relate to that - naturally I haven't climbed Everest, let's not get carried away, if I climb to the top of my stairs I'm liable to get a nosebleed.
And that's saying something when I live in a flat...

I have achieved various goals though, one of them being my first marathon lst year.
I got a place in the London race this year, I'm number 4338, and I've decided to see if I can raise some sponsorship this year.

I'm going for 2 causes, and I'd really appreciate it if you felt you could help.
I want to split donations 50/50 to support MIND and the sport of curling.
MIND is a charity I have used personally when I first had depression in 1997.
They provide fully qualified counselling for free, and rely 100% on donations, so I have no qualms in wanting to support them, to help give back something.

I want to help support the sport of curling in England, because it is at a fledgling level, with no government support or any major sponsorhip deals.
Sport is chronically overlooked as a benefit for mind and body, and the government here in Britain is not a big supporter of sport in my view.

I'd like to help grow curling, because as well as being aerobically beneficial, it can be played by all ages of all ability, and it's a sport which is fiercely protective of its' etiquette and rules of politeness.
Things like this must be cherished in today's world of 'take what you can get and sod everyone else.'

A donation of $10 would be marvellous, more would be better, and less would be equally welcomed.
Please go to my donation page at:

Apart from Paypal fees, all the money will go to the causes.
I'm keeping it brief this week as I would like to you to pop over to the donation page, and I'll leave you with this thought - think of Edmund Hillary this week.

Think of what he achieved, and ask yourself what your future achievements will be?

'Til Next Time,
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