Monday, November 05, 2007

Issue 442 - An Age Limit To Your Goals?

I hope Monday finds you well.

Choice of 2 things to cover today, the latest space shuttle mission, or the latest film I saw...
Ok, decision made, it's the film!

Made in 2002, but not seen by me until the weekend, it's a sporting film, but stay with me!
The movies is one of my favourite niches to profit from, as is sport, as is tv which is where I watched it, so it's not surprising I loved it.

It's called The Rookie, and is about a baseball player, Jim Morris.
He tried to make it in the game, but had to give in the 80s due to injuries to his arm, and settled into life as a physical science teacher, bringing up his family.

One of his jobs was coach to the school baseball team.
They'd never achieved anything, and when he spotted them giving up on games, he wanted to hammer home the point about belief, about having something to aim for.
They made a jokey bet that if the team won the district, then Morris would try out again for a baseball career.

The team rallied, and with something to hold onto they won the competition, and Morris was forced to keep his side of the bargain.
He went along to the try outs just to keep his bargain, but ended up throwing pitches at 98 mph, which at the time only around 10 professionals could do.

He got signed by a minor league team, and eventually was spotted by a major team, and in Sep 1999, at 35 he made his debut in the major league.
His career only lasted 2 years, but it was a great story.

The film was made by Disney and it shows, but even if you're not a baseball fan (which I'm not) it's a superb story, made even better by the fact that it's true!
It makes me think also of Linford Christie, the British sprinter who won Olympic Gold at 100m in 1992 aged 38!

These kind of stories just show what can be achieved by having a target and an unerring belief in your ability to get there.
The idea of achievements like this later in life naturally appeal to me. and while my attempts at the pole vault and American Football kicking could be described as 'pitiful' at best, my journey in curling could be a different story.

At the weekend I was playing with top players in the English game, and was holding my own in my favoured position of lead player.

Is it likely that I will make the 2014 Olympics?
Maybe not.
Is it even possible?
Oh yes, absolutely.

A few more years of dedicated development at that position, and anything might be possible.
It's the kind of thing I love to take on, love to write about.
I aim to fund the journey myself, partly but not entirely through my 'Curling For Gold' Package.

Yes, I sell it for profit - I make no apologies about that, but it's not the only method I use.
In the package I cover the other methods I use, and my self motivation tecniques, so it's a mixture of 'do what I say', and 'do what I do.'

The introductory price is still just $67, with a money back guarantee, so if you fancy following along and seeing exactly how I do it, go to:

Ok, I reckon that's about it for this week - what goals are you aiming for?

'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,
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