Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aug 25th - Like Drawing A Sword From A Stone?

I hope everything is ok where you are.

I did have another athletics story to write about today, but since I know that many readers hate sport as much as I love it, I'll leave it for now.
It's still a british angle this week though, centering on the legend of drawing a sword from a stone...

The BBC has a new series of its' excellent series, Coast, which travels around Britain's coast, telling the kind of little stories I love.

It was recently in Cornwall, which is a big tourist destination, in fact the 1st ex Mrs. Bryan and I had many holidays there, including our honeymoon, which was *20* years ago this year!
Hmm, plenty of stories to be told there, but one of the big tourist pushes in Cornwall is the legend of King Arthur, and drawing the sword from the stone - well that bit may be more true than you first think.

Thousands of years ago, Cornwall was the pace to go to get a valuable resource - tin.
Add tin to copper, and you get bronze, which made great tools for homework, gardening, and battles.

In the programme, presenter Neil Oliver took the advice of a local bronze maker, and helped to forge a bronze sword. Copper and tin heated to 1200c, then poured into a stone hold would make a bronze sword.
Pull the sword out too soon and it snaps, but if you pull it pull it out too late, it sticks to the stone. So it's possible that you get the timing wrong and pull it half out before it sticks, and the legend of pulling the sword takes hold.

It's a great story, of a time when Cornwall was the centre of an arms trade thanks to the rich supplies of tin to be mined there.

The story goes to show that even thousands of years ago, people were developing ideas and methods, that skills were learnt through trial and error.
In 2009, think of your goals - how much of the path between you and your goal is known?
The answer in all likelihood is *all* of it!

Most goals will have seen others tread the path, do the trial and error for you, maybe show 2 or 3 ways to get there.
All you have to do is research those journeys, make the decision to follow, and take the first step!
It's a plan which can take to amazing places in your life!

Ok, that's it for this time, I'm off to seek out some old holiday snaps...

'Til Next Time.
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