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1st Aug 2009 - Tom Watson - An Open Perspective?

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I had a few days offline thanks to connection issues, but am now back up and running.

Today I'm going to talk about perspective.
A couple of weeks ago, Tom Watson came within 1 putt of winning The Open, the biggest tournament in golf. He's won it 5 times previously, so it may not sound much of a surprise, but the key fact is that his wins came many many years ago, and he is now just shy of 60.

In the end he lost in a playoff, and the atmosphere around the course was of a real anti climax, the papers next day had close up shots of his face with a drooping expression, talking about what would have been 'the greatest achievement in sport'.
I'm really not sure about that, but in the press conference afterwards, Watson said 'it's not a funeral', and that showed the early signs of his perspective.

Later in the week he told of how he had got messages of bad luck from US soldiers on active duty - soldiers who had maybe lost a hand trying to defuse a bomb, but still took the time to get in touch. Watson said it was *that* kind of action which was worthy of focus, not a 60 year old millionaire losing a golf tournament.


It's everything when it comes to recognising the abundance we have. We take it all so much for granted that our brains focus on the smaller things, and grow them out of proportion, precisely because we have lost perspective.
Well done Tom Watson for giving such a great reminder.

Since I'm talking golf, I will mention Catriona Matthew, who won the British Women's Open yesterday. She's a 40 year old mother of 2, in fact only had her 2nd child 11 weeks ago, and a rare British winner in a women's game increasingly dominated by players from the Far East.

Matthew is a proud Scot, who juggles her work and domestic life, but recognises that she is fortunate to work with her husband, who is her caddy, and gets to do something she loves.

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Ok, that's it for now, I'm off to check my perspective is in vision, or should that be vision in perspective...

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