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6th Aug - How Far Can You Get By Being Nice?

I hope today finds you well.

2 recent deaths to talk about.
The first is Harry Patch.
He was the last surviving veteran of the first World War. With his death, that time in our history passes from living memory.
He had only wanted a small ceremony, but it was still a big turnout in his home town, and young people there commented that it was the last chance for our generation to show respect for what that generation did.
We must be careful that the events of 90 years ago do not fade from memory.

The 2nd recent passing was Sir Bobby Robson.
Football is probably the true global game, and Robson was known throughout the world of football sure enough.

He played for England, but it was as a manager that he was most known. He guided a small provincial club to European success, and then took the England team to within a whisker of winning the World Cup in 1990. To be honest it was the closest we have come since winning way back in 1966!

After leaving the England job, Robson led successful teams in Holland, Portugal and Spain, before returning to his home town of Newcastle.
People had a fond memory of him - he could be as hard as nails, no-one in top flight football can be without that trait, but it was his overall sense of niceness that marks the memory of Robson.

He beat cancer 5 times, and raised a lot of money in the process, and since his death, his favourite charity has seen donations approach 2 million.

Being nice in itself will not bring you success, that comes from hard work, but as the feeling for Bobby Robson shows, it surely helps make a better person.

Ok, that's it for this time - as the last WW1 veteran passes away, let's not forget what freedoms we take for granted today, hard fought for by others, and thinking of Bobby Robson, try and be 'nice'. It may be a twee word in today's society, but it's a trait that shines like a beacon.

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