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Sep 2nd - Does Britain Have Ideas Above Its (Gas) Station?

I hope Wednesday finds you well.
Before I start today's issue, Yelena Isinbayeva, new world record in Zurich last Friday!

Right then, onwards, and I was watching the ever fascinating 'Coast' on TV, where they tell stories around the coast of Britian.
I was a bit disappopinted to find them going to Norway, the implication being that there weren't any interesting stories left around Britain's coast!

Putting that aside though, it was intriguing nonetheless, and led me to wonder about certain attitudes.

Did you know that at its' thinnest, Norway is only 3 miles wide?
To the north of the country is a massive gas plant, which supplies a 5th of the UK's gas needs. That's a huge amount, and it runs to us via the longest subsea pipe in the world, over 700 miles long - impressive engineering to say the least!

What's amazing though is that the plant uses no gas itself, it's run by hydro electricity, and a scheme being developed in Norway could be used here.
If you have a river meeting the sea, you get a mixture of salt and fresh water. If you seperate the 2 via a membrane, the salt water will draw in the fresh water.
That will increase the volume in any area containing the salt water, which creates pressure, and that pressure can be converted into energy.

Britian has coast all around it, so this natural renewable source of energy could be right for us, but here's where the attitude comes into play...

Great Britain.
The name says it all, doesn't it?
You don't have to go too far back in history to find an era when the British Empire covered a 3rd of the planet.
I was brought up to expect foreigners to speak English, it was obvious.

Things have changed, and despite politicians in particular thinking that Britain is a power player on the global stage, in fact most of that ability comes from ties with the US.

Countries like Norway accept that they are small nations that can do very well by looking at local solutions. I have a nagging feeling that Britain still feels it is above the need to act like that. The problem is that this attitude leaves us ever more dependent on other countried to supply our energy needs, when looking on a smaller scale closer to home may be better.

It's a lesson which can be applied to our personal lives just the same - are we willing to take the necessary steps to achieve the bigger goal, even though we may consider the steps 'beneath us'?

Ok, that's it for this time, I'm off to read the gas meter...

'Til Next Time.
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