Monday, February 25, 2008

Issue 456 - Sometimes You Just Have To Accept The Manflu

I hope Monday finds you well.

Before I get into the subject of today's title, I want to cover the UK prison overcrowding.

Regular readers will remember a long while ago that I wrote about the upcoming crisis of overcrowding, that prisoners were being put into cells at police stations instead of jails because there was no room.
This costs a ludicrously high amount of money to the taxpayer, and is a problem that the government has long known about.

Well this week saw us go to absolute full capacity - even the police station cells are full.
The government has responded to the crisis by introducing an early release scheme, whereby prisoners simply get let out early!

2 glaring issues with this - firstly the government has to give taxpayers money to these prisoners to cover their living costs for the time they haven't served!
Of course most of these criminals then go and promptly buy a bucket load of drink and cigarettes.

The second problem is the message it sends out about justice.
It says that if you are mugged or burgled, then *if* the person is caught, *if* they are prosecuted, *if* they are convicted, then they will be let out early anyway!

It's simply incompetent management of a problem, and things like this drive me up the wall.

Ok, today's title is 'Sometimes you just have to accept the manflu.'

You'll remember that at the recent English curling championships I got the manflu.
I battled through it because I didn't want to look like a big sissy.
Unfortunately my battling through has contributed to the bad chest hanging around so that even now it isn't 100%, and all this affects another of my sporting activities, the marathon.

It's now only 6 weeks until the race, and although my training had been going just fine up to the manflu, it has gone right off course since, because you just can't do long runs with a tight chest.

So, goal achievement wise what can I do about it?

My training has been deeply researched and planned, getting the experience and knowledge from the plenty of people that have done it before me.
That's basic goal achievement stuff, but an important point about goal achievement is that sometimes you just have to accept the setbacks.

I can't do anything about the loss of training. As it happens I reckon I'll be ok for the race, because let's face it I'm not out to break any records.
On the other hand, had it been the case that the manflu wrecked my training totally, I would have to take the option of putting my place in the race back to next year.

Sometimes these things happen, it's just life, or as my mother says 'all part of life's rich tapestry.'

Accepting these setbacks is crucial, you only get to the setbacks by taking action in the first place, so by definition, even if a setback is so bad that it 's the end of the road for your goal, you are always further forward than you would have been had you never acted.

This way of thinking encourages a contented mind, and means I can smile as I cough up my breakfast.

Ok, that's it for this week - can you think of incompetent management, and are you prepared to sometimes just accept manflu?

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'Til Next Time,
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