Thursday, February 07, 2008

Issue 453 - What Price Experience?

I hope Thursday finds you well.
It's a late newsletter this week - I've not been a well bunny.

I turned up all raring to go for the first match of the English Curling Championships, to hear a couple of other players say they had dodgy colds.
I remembered hoping to myself that I didnt catch it, only to wake up Thursday to find that I had indeed caught it.

I dosed myself up with pills and soldiered on, but let's face it, a 2 and half hour session of aerobic workout on ice, twice a day, is not really what you want if you have a chest cold.

I stayed up to watch the SuperBowl on Monday morning (great game), and then expected a nice long sleep to be enough to see me right, but the wretched thing has hung around all week, and it's only now that I'm feeling vaguely normal.

I had a great time at the curling, it was a real blast.
The draw saw our team play its' first 3 games against the previous 3 winners.
This meant we could relax and play without pressure as nobody expected us to win.
As it turned out, we gave every team a good game for the first half, but then they pulled away in the 2nd half.

Of our 7 matches we had the chance to win with our last stone on 2 occasions, but narrowly missed.
When our solitary win did come, it was hugely popular amongst the other teams, because they knew we had given them a game.

I was viewing the tournament as a chance to see where my game stood against the best in England.
It's only my 2nd full season, and I was playing people who had 15-25 years of playing.
My game stood up well - it almost surprised even me how well we played.

It was much more intense play than at club level, which you would expect, but there is nothing like experience.
I watched the tournament last year and thought my game might stand up to the comparison.
I could have chosen to watch this year too, but I took the plunge, and now have that priceless experience in the bank.
Next year, I can play in the knowledge that I fully deserve to be there.

Great fun, a real thrill for me, and hopefully some dodgy photos in due course.

Ok, I'll keep it short this week, hopefully my germs haven't spread all over the web, and remember the priceless value of experience!

'Til Next Time,
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