Monday, December 03, 2007

Issue 446 - Evel Knievel Jumps The Pearly Gates

I hope Monday finds you well.
3 subjects today - branding, marketing and mindset.

I see that Evel Knievel has died.
I'm of the age to have owned a toy Evel bike when I was about 8, and he cut an iconic figure in his stars and strips jumpsuits.
He realised early on that he could get 'money and women' at the same time by being a stunt rider, and went for ever more elaborate stunts.

In the late 60s he rose to real fame when he jumped the fountains at Ceasar's Palace, and broke his skull and a lot else on landing.
He was unconscious for 2 months, but the legend was born.

Into the 70s he had the idea of jumping a canyon in a rocket cycle, and the event was watched live worldwide.
Unfortunately his bike was rigged in such a way that he had to hold a lever out to *prevent* the parachute opening.
When he launched, he passed out, and the parachute deployed almost instantly...

Then he jumped 13 double decker buses in front of 70,000 people(!) in London, with the inevitable mutli bone break.
A master of self branding and promoting.

Here's some bad marketing - sometimes I write good stuff about Tesco's, and sometimes bad, today it's bad...

An elderly couple were doing their Christmas shopping, and spent a lot of money, £300 in total, including a meal in the restaurant.
They got a letter in the post saying they had stayed in the carpark for more than their alloted time, and 'not to do it again.'
As you can imagine, it won't be a problem next time, because they won't be shopping at Tesco anymore!

As for the mindset topic, the publicly funded TV channel here the BBC, holds an annual Sports Personality of the Year Award.
The shortlist of 10 includes -
Jonny Wilkinson and Jason Robinson, who lost the final of the rugby world cup.
Lewis Hamilton, who lost the Formula 1 World Title on the final race.
Andy Murray, who didn't even take part in Wimbledon.

How about Victoria Pendleton, who won 3 World Campionship Golds in cycling?
Not a chance...

Joe Calzaghe, a British boxer with over 20 world title defences, has long said he doesn't stand a chance because he won something.
I wonder if they celebrate defeat and ignore victory that much in Australia or the US?

Ok, that's it for today, I'm off to seek out my Evel Knievel bike, and ask the BBC if I can be nominated, as I can think of several sports I'm no good at...

'Til Next Time,
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