Monday, October 01, 2007

Issue 437 - Do You Have Enough Fun?

I hope everything is ok where you are.

Another week of having difficulty picking my subject - I know I have the theme, which is about smiling and having fun, but I have lots of angles I could go for.
Plus it's the 25th anniversary of the CD, plus the Christmas stuff is in the the curling season starts this a new marathon record in Berlin of 2 hours 4 minutes...where to start...

Ok, I'm just going to go with one, to do with the adventure of life.

With all the talk of a possible snap election here in Britain, I can't help thinking of when I stood in 2005.
I came a solid 5th, and in the run up to the election I got a phone call from a man called George.
He said 'My name's George', which was helpful, 'and I'm calling from Japan,' which was interesting.

My name had been passed to him by a mutual friend, and he was interested in the idea of standing.
George lives and works in Japan, but is thinking of coming back to Britain, and was over for a visit, so I went to see him last week.

He showed me his potential election flyer, and on it it says that he is in the Guiness Book of World Records 8 times!
One of them is for the longest unbroken march, when he walked across the Western Hemisphere!
As you can imagine that made my eyes light up!
Not only sharing my ideas about independant MPs, but taking my ideas about life adventure way beyond what I would do.

His name's George Meegan if you fancy searching his story.

A friend passed away this week gone, who I knew from the local music scene.
Chrissie had battled illness for a long time, but in the time I knew her, she was one of the most genuinely friendly people who genuinely liked watching and making music.

She encouraged me as much as anyone when I took up the bass, and laughed loudest at the fact that I still only use 2 strings, over 2 years later!
She booked up and went on several music based courses, simply because she wanted to, and it gave the end part of her life a huge amount of pleasure and fun.

You can see my direction here - go with your ideas in life, none of us know when life will end, and following our fun ideas, however far out they may seem, can make our time here rich and full.

Talking of fun and smiling, my brother sent me a youtube video which made me smile when I saw it.

This takes some serious practice, and I wouldn't be surprised if the chap concerned is single like I am!

Ok, that's it for this week, maybe I'll cover the CD's 25th plus the Christmas shopping next week, and remember this week's thought - are you denying yourself fun and adventure?

'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,
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