Monday, October 08, 2007

Issue 438 - You Probably Won't Understand Me

I hope Monday finds you well.

Spoilt for choice with newsletter topics again this week, and I've called this issue 'You Probably Won't Understand Me.'

I got married 18 years ago this week, and I know for a fact my wife didn't understand me.
She also used to tell me I was nosey. Well she didn't actually tell me, I read it in her diary.
Not really.

I remember the day clearly, it was like a fairytale - Grimm.
Not really.

The vicar said 'Do you take this woman?'
I answered 'Would you? No! So why try and palm her off onto me then?'
Not really.

We had arranged for the organist to play Vivaldi's Four Season's, but when we got there he was playing 'Happy Talk'.

The reason I based this issue on understanding is not in fact about my ex, but about my writing style.
I tried a new site during the week that allows you to submit work for customers to buy.
My first article was rejected, then my 2nd, and eventually all the first 15 articles were rejected!
Having never had my writing rejected before, I knew something was up, so I enquired further.

It turned out that my writing was seemingly full of incorrect grammar, particularly with my use of the comma, and I consistently failed to express my ideas clearly enough.
Now I admit my writing style is loose and conversational, but that's deliberate, and I happen to think it *helps* rather than hinders clarity.

However this site was having none of it, and even after I submitted rewrites, it was still rejected because I 'needed to be clearer.'

Ok, at this point I had 3 options -
1. Throw my toys out of the pram, demand they accept my work, and do my best to make trouble for them.

2. Rewrite my work over and over until it fitted their requirements.

3. Accept that it's their site, I can't force them to accept it, and move on.

Guess which one I chose?
I chose the 3rd option, because after having done 3 rewrites on the same piece, it was clear that my style was not going to work at that site.
I had tried, but could now move on without getting involved in any negative, and pointless, debates.

I've always assumed my newsletter is understandable, but if it isn't feel free to let me know.
Although if I haven't expressed that clearly enough, you won't have understood!
Sometimes you have to find a new way to express yourself, to make the same point in a different way, without blaming someone else if they don't grasp what you mean first time around.

Ok, haven't talked about wealth creation for a while, and I want to promote a book that's been released today.
I have a new project in the works myself, but this one does a good job.

It's called '20 Ways To Make $100 In A Day'.
It's a 247 pager, not a flimsy report, and written by 20 internet marketers who are the type that happily talk to their clients, not the aloof ones that wouldn't answer your email.
It costs $27, which can't be bad to show you 20 ways to make $100 in a day.

The idea is that the huge figures that some gurus throw about just put people off, but the figure of $100 is nice and workable, and can make huge changes in someone's life, achieveable quickly and easily, and can also be done around busy life schedules.

I have another new product looming, about the 3 most devious tricks Internet Marketers use on a customer in any niche to ethically grab their money.
It's so new I haven't even decided the price yet, but if you grab '20 Ways...' from me, then I'll give it to you for free.

Sound fair?
Here's the link for '20 Ways To Make $100 In A Day':

Ok, I reckon that's about it for this week - if someone doesn't understand you, are you trying hard enough, and how does $100 a day sound?

'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,
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