Monday, September 24, 2007

Issue 436 - Just Another Manic Monday

I hope Monday finds you well.

The title of this week's missive is a nice little leader into one of my favourite topics - luck.
Luck plays a big part in goal achievement, and it's often stated that 'you create your own luck.'
Throw in another oft-quoted, er, quote that 'luck is when opportunity meets preparation,' give me a 15 minute interval and I can talk for 2 hours on it!

You don't have to listen to me for 2 hours though, Im going to write a little about it, using one of my favourite subjects - music.
I saw a documentary about how various girl groups had got together, and I want to focus on 2 of them, The Supremes and The Bangles.

The Supremes had put themselves together, and were constantly hassling the record companies to get signed.
In particular they spent a lot of time hanging around Motown Records, which was already big enough, but not yet massive.
Not only did they not get signed, they were told that they were nothing more than a nuisance and should go away.

They didn't go away.
Was that determination, or just unrealistic of them?

Well, one day there was a recording session booked, but the backing singers hadn't turned up.
The Motown people were desperate to find someone, and who did they think of?
That group literally standing outside!

The Supremes did the session, and got signed.
They weren't an immediate success though, in fact they rather became the laughing stock of the label for not having a hit.

The boss decided they needed an image change, so he changed their image, changed their sound, and they went on to be one to the best selling girl groups ever!

How lucky were they?
Very, but that 'luck' would not have happened to them had they not made themselves known at Motown and been in the right place when opportunity came.

On to The Bangles...
I saw them do a gig in my home town before they were massive.
It was a pokey little club, very intimate. The crowd weren't really interested in this American girl group, but they were rocking, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

They were another band that had put themselves together and gone on the road, putting in the hard work to get noticed.
They came to the attention of Prince, who would regularly turn up at their gigs and get on stage with them!

The band's record label wanted the band to go a bit more mainstream, slightly less rocky, and Prince was only too happy for them to record a song he wrote - Manic Monday.
Of course it was a huge hit all over the world, and The Bangles were in the big time.

As it happened, musical differences took over, and by the time they recorded that wedding favourite 'Eternal Flame' they weren't even talking to each other, with all the parts recorded separately!

So, were they lucky to record one of Prince's songs?
Yes, but they got to that luck by putting in the work, taking action to get themselves noticed.

Just the same as The Supremes had done 20 years previously.

It works, believe me I know.
I worked at EMI records for 6 years, and got that job by following the same principles.
Not by singing I hasten to add, you can read more about it my motivational book, link below.

People might say 'that luck doesn't happen to me,' and they may be right.
I wrote a song called 'Manic Tuesday', but it never took off.

Obviously these opportunities cannot happen to everyone, but they most certainly will *not* come along if you take no action at all.

Action has the power to change your life, it's that simple.
Ok, that's it for this week - what kind of luck are you setting yourself up for?

'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,
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