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Issue 433 - Remembering Rick Rescorla

I hope Monday finds you well.

A couple of points from last week's issue, and a point revisited from two years and 100 issues ago.
Read to the end for that one, it'll make your day feel better I assure you.

Last week I pointed out that getting into September meant we *still* had a third of the year to go to achieve things.
If 2007 was going to be your year to do whatever, and it hasn't been so far, take those first steps, you still have plenty of time left.
I have a new idea brewing myself, and as you know, my ideas tend to get acted on...

I got some emails after my article about a woman's favourite colour being pink.
Don't get me wrong, I've nothing against pink, paricularly if it's strawberry blancmange or angel delight...

No, my point was about independent thought, and one emailer told me that she found as a rule that women covered in all things pink and fluffy were generally the thick ones, who had no idea about bucking stereotype and thinking for themselves.
Probably true - yes of course it's possible that independent thinking women *decide* that pink and fluffy is the way for them, but they'd be the rarity.

Anyway you get the point, and I want link it to a documentary I saw, about a mother who had pushed her way of thinking onto her daughters, but they were showing signs of independent thought.

This particular family has been the subject of documentaries before - the twin daughters were in a band with a deliberately provocative name connected to the holocaust, and the mother is a white supremicist.
She says she isn't she just wants her country to be kept for just the 'people who belong there', and maintains that she is entitled to her right to free speech.
(lucky she doesn't live under a regime where free speech gets you lined up and shot then, eh! She might not find it so attractive then)

In this new documentary, the daughters are older, and show the power of independent thought.
They clearly only feel free to speak their own mind when their mother is not around, and always look around to see where she is before they speak candidly.
It's clear from what they say that they don't really have the same beliefs as their mother, and would much rather not be involved.
Good for them.

They may end up having the same beliefs eventually, but they are showing that even if the most dominated environments, freedom of thought cannot be stifled, its' power cannot be taken away.
Using this kind of idea in your own life, and backing it up with action can, I promise you, take you places you'd never have imagined.

Ok, back in 2005, I called Issue 332 of this newsletter 'Remembering Rick Rescorla.
If you don't know who Rick Rescorla was, or what he did that is so worthy of repeating 2 years later, then read the archive issue:

It's a life affirmer -it makes me feel better about things, life, people etc, and focuses on the positive, I think it'll do the same for you today as much as it did then.

Ok, that's it for this week -
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