Monday, September 03, 2007

Issue 431 - A Woman's Favourite Colour - Yellow?

I hope everything is ok where you are, as we crack into the 3rd, er, 3rd of the year.
It might feel as though the year is coming to a close, but that's nonsense, with a *full third* of 2007 to still pursue your dreams.

Ok, today I want to talk about something that crossed my mind a couple of weeks ago.
I've kept it in reserve as other topics came to the fore, but I'm sneaking it in this week, and it's about a woman's favourite colour, which we all know is yellow...

'What's that?' I hear you cry, 'a woman's colour is surely pink!'
Yes, you'd be right, I just thought I'd say it was yellow to start the topic off!

I'm not even sure how the idea came to me, but I've long since given up trying to wonder how many of my thoughts come to me!

I think this one was as I saw a right bruiser of a woman walking down the road.
She was built to last I can assure you - I'm not mentioning sport this week, but I would say that she'd probably give some of those women shot putters a run for their money...

What made me smile was that she was a vision in pink - hardly a surprise since pink is a woman's favourite colour.
So why is that?

Well pink is the favourite of most women because it's the favourite of most girls, and the reason for that?
Because they are told so!
Let's face it, when the little buggers are still sloshing about the womb, they can hear everyone getting the nursery ready with pink this, pink that - god forbid you decorate the nursery in blue if you know it's a girl on the way!

When the baby's born, she gets covered from head to baby booties in pink, and apart from looking very sweet, it further tells the female subconscious mind that pink is where it's at!

Then all the shops are full of pink, pink clothes, pink toys, pink bikes, pink ipods, and so on.
The end result of this is the kind of shot-putting-wouldn't-want-to-meet-down-a-dark-avenue-but-drenched-in-pink vision that I saw the other day.

I nearly pulled over and told her, but I was too scared.

Of course this kind of observation is further proof if ever it was needed, that the subconscious is a powerful force, and that it's a force that can be changed, by simply recognising the original way it was trained, and then giving it a new training!

It's a powerful tip, can make great sweeping changes in your life if you grasp it - I cover more tips like this in my book, link below!

Ok, that's it for today, next time you see a woman in pink, you can smile and think about the training you give your own subconscious!

'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,
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