Monday, August 27, 2007

Issue 430 - One Missing Element?

I hope Monday finds you well.

I haven't talked about sport in the newsletter for a couple of weeks at least, but since it's a niche I enjoy and profit from, and also provides great self improvement lessons, I'm going to indulge myself today..!

The world athletics championships are taking place in Japan.
Britain is not a world force in athletics, we have the occasional individual who succeeds but no real system in place to indentify and nuture talent.

As a result, our target for the championships is 3 medals.
Not 3 golds, but 3 medals full stop.
We already have one on the board, as Kelly Sotherton won bronze in the heptathlon.

She won bronze in the Olympics 2004, despite a shocking javelin technique, and in the years since, despite several coaches, her javelin is still pretty hopeless.

It's weird, because the 7 events of the heptathlon require lots of technical prowess to go along with strength and natural talent.
The high jump, long jump, shot putt, none of those can be done properly without starting with the basic technique, and while Sotherton has it sorted for those events, she cannot seem to grasp the javelin.

Now obviously I'm not one to talk, if I had a javelin in my hand there would probably be a stabbing incident, more than likely my own ear or foot, but nevertheless it's very strange to me that she has so much problem.

Obviously it's a mental thing, and it just goes to show that even for someone who has obviously got what it takes to master very technical sporting events, a mental block can be a huge thing to overcome (if you let it!).

That's 2 bronze medals she's won at major championships by basically only scoring 6 events while everyone else scores 7, so imagine what she could do if she broke through with the javelin!

Back to the lives of us non athletes, and the lesson is obvious - to succeed in something, we need all the parts to be in place.
You may be great at some of them, but it often only needs one element to be missing, and the whole thing falls apart.

The good news is, that unlike a heptathlon, getting all the pieces in place can often be as simple as finding out what they are and making some easy changes, basic formula following.

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Ok, that's it for today, and I'll leave you with this thought - is there one element you are leaving out that stops you achieving your goals?

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