Monday, August 13, 2007

Issue 428 - Elvis Spotted On Space Station?

I hope Monday finds you well.

Last week I mentioned that Barbara Morgan would be going into space on the shuttle, more than 20 years after she commited to that goal.

As I type she's up there now, working away on the Space Station, and just to add to the story, one of her crewmates is Tracey Caldwell, and she cites Morgan and Christa McAuliffe as her inspiration to be an astronaut!
A great lesson that if you feel inspired by someone, you *can* choose to do the same, and get the same results!

A couple of anniversaries this month the partition of India and Pakistan, and the death of Elvis.

Well I say the death of Elvis, because it's said he died 30 years ago, Aug 16th 1977.
I was 11 at the time and can remember the hoopla about it.
One of my favourite song titles is 'There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis.'
I say one of, because how can that compare to another favourite, 'She Got The Goldmine, I Got The Shaft'?

Elvis changed the music industry and made a huge cultural impact.
He didn't do it deliberately either, he just followed his feelings.
He used to get into a lot of trouble before he ever made a record, with his long hair, and eyeliner!

He just went with what felt right for him - it just happened to lead to worldwide superstardom and an eternal place in history.
It also led to a drug-addled premature death at 42, so following your passions always needs to be done like anything else, with the ability to keep a rational view about things!

Go back a further 30 years to August 1947, and 200 years of British rule came to an end in India, with the partition of the country to form the new state of Pakistan.
The partition was made along, you guessed it, religious lines, and led to huge rioting and chaos, over 500,000 people died.

60 years later, and the relationship between India and Pakistan is tense at best, with nuclear ingredients making it a cause to concern all of us.
I live in a peaceful country, I have done all my life.
I've never known war or oppression.

I hope you haven't either, and as you read this, give thanks for that - appreciate the abundance you enjoy by accident of birth.

Next time you think you can't do things, or that you are 'trapped', that you don't have opportunity, think of people who *are* oppressed or live their life in war conditions.

Remember Elvis, and be brave to follow your passions like he did.
Be inspired by astronaut Tracey Caldwell, who was herself inspired by her crew mate Barbara Morgan.

Ok, thats it for today - where does your personal inspiration come from?
'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,
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