Monday, July 23, 2007

Issue 425 - The Inspirational Annals Of Sport (Thank God for spellcheck)

I hope everything is well where you are.

I know I normally start my newsletter with that line, but with England facing huge flooding with a months rain falling in hours, I do hope all is well, and if it is, spare a thought for those less lucky, and appreciate the abundance.

Ok, lots of choices to write about today -
A lesson I learnt, or a lesson from 8 years ago, or a tv documentary about independant thought.

I think I'll just pile in and see where it goes...

Last week I mentioned my experiment about selling my article writing services, and about how I had badly underpriced myself, being swamped with badly paid work to deadline as a result.
Well as I studied the other offers in the same forum, I noticed a lot of people selling packs of articles they had written with PLR rights.
The prices worked out at a much better leverage of time, so I put my own up.

It's a good example of taking action, seeing the results, and then changing your method to work better.
It's a basic foundation of my ideas about success/self improvement and goal achievement, and as ever, it works!
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Ok, onto the lesson from 8 years ago.
You know I love my sport, and while Wimbledon provided lots of fodder, Serena, Maria, Marion (all women? just a coincidence I assure you...),
the recent Open golf has done the same.

I wrote an article called 'Why Do Americans Hate The Open Golf Tournament?' which is getting some good viewing numbers!

The tournament was held at Carnoustie in Scotland, and it was last held there 8 years ago.
It's back to 1999 we go for a story that went down in the annals (thank god for spellcheck) of sport.

The Frenhman Jean Van Der Velde stood on the last hole with a healthy lead, and one hand firmly on the trophy.
His approach shot plopped into the little stream in front of the green, and after thinking about it for ages, he took off his shoes and socks, waded into the river and played his shot, which promptly plopped *back* into the stream.
His chance had gone, and The Open prize went to someone else.

Naturally this week he was asked endlessly about it, and the reporters kept questioning him about if it kept him awake, how did he get his life going again, etc, etc.

Well he hasn't been well lately, and he replied that when he went into hospital for tests, the other people he saw there kept things in perspective.

The reporters told him he must think about it every night.
'No' he simply replied.

They told him he must be full of regret.
He replied with French charm that, he had lived 41 years, didn't know how many he'd have left, maybe another 41, so was he about to spend it all wth regret?
He said if a glass was 50% full of red wine, he knew whether he'd consider if half full or half empty, especially seeing as he'd enjoyed drinking the first half!

Aah, how refreshing!
That's twice in a month that French sports players have inspired me with simple words.

It's easy to let the negative news output dim the lights, but it's also just as easy to plug into the light of others!

Ok, that's it for this week - my rambling led to thoughts of inspiration, no change there then.

The tv documentary about independent thought can wait, and I'll leave you with this question - which story do you use for inspiration this week?

'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,
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