Monday, July 16, 2007

Issue 424 - Gordon Undervalues Himself Badly!

I hope Monday finds you well.

Over the last couple of weeks I've not been sleeping that well, but I think I've found a cure, and over the weekend I haven't got much sleep at all, up virtually all night, which does make you tired when the chance to grab a few winks appears.

And before you get too excited, it was nothing along *those* lines! (chance would be a fine thing).

No, I've been very busy.
I've been a busy bee.
In fact I've been busier than a bee.
I've been busier than a bee who's been too busy to do normal bee business.

Hmm, you get the idea...

I had a little experiment in mind, and as you know, experiments in my mind tend to be acted on, and this was no exception.

I do a lot of writing, what with this newsletter, articles and books, etc.
I enjoy it.
I also earn money from my writing, which I can tell you makes me enjoy it even more!

What I *haven't* ever done before is offer my writing skills as a service.
Well there has been a rash (ooh, good word), a rash of guides lately about how to get a quick injection of cash if you need one, and many of them talk about selling your writing skills.

There is an internet marketing forum which has a section specifically for people to make offers to each other, so I thought I'd have a go.

I made an offer for people to have me write a 300+ word article on anything they wanted, and get it back within 24 hours, for $9, with full rights to do what they want with it.

That's cheap, but a good place to start an experiment.
I then offered discounts, with 3 or more articles priced at $6 each.
I know from experience that I can write a solid article on any subject in 30 minutes, so was interested to see how the offer went.

I did have the advantage of being able to point prospects at other stuff I had written so they could see the type of thing they'd get, and the offer took off.
Since Saturday afternoon I have had orders for 63 articles!

All well and good, but even at my speed there was no way I could get those turned around in 24 hours.
I said so in the thread, and extended the lead time for new orders to 48 hours.

I have badly underpriced myself!
Had I known the response would be like that I would have pitched higher, but that's part of the learning process!

So since Saturday I have been typing away like a madman (some people would say I do *most* things like a madman!)
Lots of tea, with biscuits to dunk, eyes propped open with sticks, and all for just over minimum wage to produce work I can't even leverage for myself in the future!
Still, its been good fun, and I know now that these cash injection plans work, and that whatever twists and turns my life takes, I will never be starving in the gutter, simply down to the power of words - good eh!

I will NEVER offer my writing at this price again, but as the offer is still open, if you want me to write any 300+ artices for you, now's your chance.
They can be on any subject you want, either written as content, or with seo in mind.
You can then sell them, give them away, compile them into a report, use them as content, use them on your blog or autoresponder, the choice is entirely yours.

Remember I'll only offer at this price on this occasion, I won't undersell myself twice!

Ok, I'll leave you with these thoughts - are you fully using the power of the internet, and do you know the full financial worth of what you can offer?

'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,
P.S. If you know anyone else who you think would enjoy the Great Gordino Newsletter, please pass it on to them!

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