Monday, March 05, 2007

Issue 407 - Make Money From Tiddlywinks?

I hope everything is ok where you are.

This weekend saw the European Indoor Athletics Championships.
They were held in England, so I was looking forward to writing about a victory for my old buddy, the pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva.

Unfortunately I am unable to do so, for 2 reasons.
Firstly, because she wasn't there.
The official reason is that she is concentrating on preparing for the outdoor season, but unofficially everyone says it's because there was no prize money.
Secondly, I'm not allowed to refer to her as 'my old buddy' any more, well not since the restraining order became official...

In case you're interested, the Russians still won gold and silver, the silver going to a new 20 yr old called Yulia Golubchikova - I bet you don't get many of those to the pound, (er, apart from maybe in the Golubchikov household.)

There was also a nasty injury for a British runner, who was clipped from behind, and in the fall broke her thigh bone.
Now that's gotta hurt.

So, the point of today's issue is making money in the world of sport.
In most sports, it's only the very top world elite that make any decent money, and they have to chase it ( hence Isinbayeva not competing this weekend?)

Even then, there often isn't enough.
My new found sport of curling is a prime example - very difficult to make money at it.

The Italian skiing federation is in dire financial trouble, 1 year on from hosting the Olympics, and skiiers and trainer are having to club together to pay for petrol and hotel costs!

At the other end are the big earners - its been announced that the women will earn the same as the men at Wimbledon this year, and the British heavyweight Lennox Lewis, one of those rare boxers who retired with his title intact, is allegedly being tempted to fight again by the prospect of earning $25 million from one fight!

My new book is about how to make money from sport, I just finished it last week.

It works for players and for fans of any sport.
Athletics? Yes.
Tennis? Yes.
Skiing? Yes.
Boxing? Yes.
Curling? Yes.
Tiddlywinks? Yes, actually.

How much the method earns depends on how much effort is put in.
It may not earn you the $25 million that Lennox Lewis is up for, but say in curling, it will earn you more than you ever could by playing, and even if it earns enough to cover a lifetime of curling shoes, that's better than a kick in the teeth.

The guide only costs $7, priced so low that you don't have to think that much about buying it.
Most people spend $7 on things day after day, and this *will* earn you money if you follow the technique.
It's the technique I use, there are no extra costs involved, no Adwords pay per click spending, and you can grab it at:

I know today's issue has been a sporty one, and I know that some readers have no interest at all in sport, but since all readers should have an interest in self-improvement and wealth creation, I reckon for $7 it's worth me rattling on about it, and it ties in with last week's issue about setting March 1st New Year Resolutions.

Ok, that's it for today - how much money will you make this year from sport?

'Til next time,
Health and Happiness,
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