Monday, May 11, 2009

Why The Britain's Got Talent Deniers Annoy Me!

May 2009, and the Britain's Got Talent machine rolls onwards, with it being one of the most watched shows on British TV, and online around the world. So why do so many people deny they watch it, and why does it annoy me..?

I call them the Britain's Got Talent Deniers, and you hear them all the time. If you ask them whether they saw Susan Boyle, or any of the other acts, their first comment is 'oh I don't usually watch it, but I did see her.'


This kind of thing drives me round the bend for a couple of reasons.
Firstly, as someone who has used only medium quality entertainment skills to earn a living from it, I know full well what it takes to put a genuinely entertaining act together.

Most of the acts that grab the headlines are unassuming people with seemingly 'normal' lives, that get on stage and unveil a performance with real entertainment skills.
It may be singing or dancing, but it makes an immediate impact on the live audience.

That's why I love live performance, the emotional awakening of an audience is something that can be felt, but is hard to describe, and if you can do it it's a natural high that drug dealers wish they could bottle up!

The Britain's Got Talent set up slightly skews the reality, because the good acts are thrown in with the bad ones, and that makes them seem better than they are sometimes.
Also, despite the fact that their act wows an audience live, they then have to either repeat it or come up with something new, not always easy with the variety acts!
The other reason the Britain's Got Talent Deniers annoy me is that it's a succumbing to peer pressure - the thought is 'I'd better not admit to watching it unless people think I'm too common'

Come on folks! Be prepared to stand up for what you enjoy, if you like watching it, say so!
There is no need to defend what you watch on TV, and certainly not when it's to do with achievement of goals combined with passion, hard work, and something that's vital to all societies, the value of entertainment.

So, next time you watch it, tell me about it, tell me what you thought about the work ethics involved, but don't say you don't watch it if you do, don't be a Britain's Got Talent Denier!

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