Friday, May 15, 2009

New Star Trek Movie - Did You Spot Randy Pausch?

May 2009 sees the new Star Trek movie getting rave reviews - I happen to think the most notable performance is a little cameo by Randy Pausch, read on to find out why...

I first came across the name of Randy Pausch via someone who knew I liked the area of goal achievement. Pausch was a professor at the Carnegie Mellon University in the US, who knew he was going to die pretty soon from pancreatic cancer. He gave a lecture called The Last Lecture in 2007, which became and still is a huge success on YouTube.

When you watch it, (and I suggest you go to YouTube and search it out) you'll see why it's so popular.
Pausch gives a humorous account of his dreams and how he went about achieving them. He covers some mental attitude techniques, about how you can defeat yourself, or help yourself via your attitudes, and finishes by saying the lecture is for his children.

He died in 2008, but after the success of his lecture, in which he had joked about wanting to be Captain Kirk as a kid, director JJ Abrams had asked him to film a short cameo to be included in the next film.

Pausch did so, and that cameo is featured in the film - at the beginning Pausch appears as a crewman and says the line 'Captain we have a visual'.
Normally the kind of appearance not worthy of note, but in the context of his lecture and theories of what can happen when you take certain actions, it's dynamite to watch!

If you watch the film, try and spot it, and as I said before go to YouTube or Google and search fro Randy Pausch, and you'll see why I think his is the most notable performance!

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