Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Issue 495 - I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face Flannel

Hi All,
I've had a busy week as usual - the curling rink was open for the holiday period and we had a nice crowd of family type bookings in. We also had a lot of people who had been earlier in the season and had enjoyed it so much that they came again. That's reassuring to me that at least I'm doing a reasole job, and not scaring them away!

As we lurch into 2009, it's that time when everyone looks back to the year closing, and forward to the year about to start.
I've long written about my not being a fan of New Year resolutions, because they tend to be made by people almost as a joke, with the results reflecting that lack of conviction.

However,for many people it's the *only* time they stop to take stock, so it shouldnt be knocked that much.

The credit crunch hit home in 2008 - 'credit crunch' is a cover-all type phrase used to excuse any business ills at the moment, but the UK is already in recession, with 2009 probably being worse.

The Israeli/Palestine conflict has flared up again, so it will be another New Year with international violence as the headline.

Looks like a poor 2009?

Or maybe not.
On Christmas Day one of my fave films was on, My Fair Lady.
A great film for many reasons, one of them being the story itself, that Elisa Dolittle had the courage and gumption to follow an idea, take action on it, do the wok required, and get the result.

If you take that kind of attitude into 2009, you could make it a year to remember.

Is it childish of me to use a Hollywood film from 40 years ago to say 'think what you can achieve'?
Some people might say so, but in my view - let them!

It's the kind of thing that works for me, and leaves me asking not what can I not do, but what *can* I do!

Have a Happy New Year, and for 2009 I wish you as always,
Health & Happiness.

'Til Next Time in 2009,
p.s. 'I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face' is a song from My Fair Lady, and it was the comedian Spike Milligan that cracked the joke that he wrote a song that never made it called 'I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face Flannel' (just in case you wondered!)

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