Monday, January 05, 2009

Issue 496 - Leaping Too Soon Into 2009?

I hope Monday finds you well.

Did you know that there was a leap second in 2008?
I didn't, until right at the end of the year, when apparently the countdown should have been 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, er 1 again, Happy New Year!

It's all to do with the speed that the Earth travels around the sun, yada yada geeky science, but the extra second needed to be added to keep everything in synch.

I was reminded of it today as I walked around Tesco's and saw the hot cross buns on sale foe Easter.
Crikey, we're still in the 12 days of Christmas!
Nowhere is there any sign in the commercial world of it still being Christmas. I've been saying for many years that this is a missed opportunity, but like most things I say, I appear to be on my own.

The extra second we had in 2008 begs the question of how you used it.
We all get the same amount of seconds, we just choose to spend them in different ways.

So as we leap into 2009 (geddit?) I don't suggest you work out how you will spend every second, because you will be spending all the seconds working out how to spend the next ones.
No, that would just be silly...

What I *do* suggest though, is that you work out how you will spend the year, the months.
What will you do, and why?
What is the end goal?

Will you spend 2009 reacting to circumstance, or dictating your own future?

And to think fairly important idea came from a stroll around Tesco's. I nearly told the girl at the checkout, but let's just say at 8pm in the evening she didn't look in the mood!

Ok, that's it for today, I'm off to check my watches.

'Til next time,
Health & Happiness,

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