Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Issue 493 - Tradition!

Hi ,
I hope today finds you well.

I noticed a lot of traditional things happening.
During the time when I didn’t get a newsletter done, 11th November was the traditional day to remember those that died in war. The Queen lays a wreath on behalf of the nation, and there’s a 2 minute silence at 11am.
I obviously remember this right back to childhood.

Then the other day there was the State Opening of Parliament. This is a tradition which marks the fact that although the government is the Monarch’s Government, it is a state before crown system.
This means that even today, the Queen’s messenger is sent to summon the MPs, and gets the door slammed in his face – he has to knock and ask the MPs to come and hear The Queen, who is in full State dress and crown.

That dates back to the English Civil War times, 350 years odd. (Obviously the tradition, not The Queen herself, although she’s been there all my life)

Another tradition I remember from childhood is going to Woolworth’s to buy some pick&mix sweets. That’s a tradition which came to an abrupt halt as the chain went bankrupt.
I did email the administrators asking if they’d give me knock down price on some small candy bananas, but no reply yet… a bit rude that if you ask me.

Some traditions stay, others fall by the wayside, it’s the way of things.
Some traditions are good, some are bad.

Some traditions you could just call habit, and you stick to them just out of, er, habit.
This kind of approach can really hold you back.
I’m not saying never have traditions or habits, in fact they are great, but make sure you only hang on to the ones that do you good, and ditch the ones that keep you fixed where you are and no further.

Ok, that’s it for today, as we lurch towards Christmas, I’m off to prepare for my own tradition by searching out my copy of ‘Muppet Christmas Carol’

'Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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