Monday, June 18, 2007

Issue 420 - Are You A Cupboard Shutter?

I hope Monday finds you well.

Last week I talked about passion, a subject about which I'm, er, passionate.
So much so that this week instead of the Olympic subject I mentioned, I'm carrying on with the passion.
That always happens whenever I trail an upcoming issue!

Ok, last week I metioned a tv show called Britain's Got Talent, and featured an unassuming, low self-esteemed mobile phone salesman who launched into a goosebumpng opera performance.

As it turned out, he won the competition.
The show was undoubtedly geared to help him win, but at all times he was gracious and genuinely dumbstruck by what had happened to him.
His theme was 'I never though anything like this *could* happen to me'
He can now give full rein to his passion - good for him, and despite his admission that he very nearly didn't enter, he *did* enter, he took action.

At the weekend I went to a handfasting.
It's an ancient ceremony where two partners commit to each other for a year and a day, by the tying of their hands.
The expression 'tying the knot' comes from this old tradition.
After that time they either choose to go seperate ways, or make another commitment, usually longer.
It's not a legally recognised ceremony, but it was recognised by the couple, 2 friends of mine.
It was held in a big field around some ancient stones, and was a lovely thing to see, 2 people commiting to each other, sharing their passion with others, and it had a big feelgood factor.

I met a woman there who had a story that drew me in like an open day at the chocolate factory.
She's an artist, and decided at a juncture in her life to follow her passions, and now runs her own business creating and selling her art.
It's gorgeous work, and I'll be sharing it with you another time.

Last week I did a recording session with a music friend of mine, to help with his college course of music engineering.
It's what he wants to do, and he was whizzing his way around the equipment and incredible software as if it was as simple as ringing a bell.
That's a big learning curve he's been on, and what's his motivation?
(begins with a 'p', ends with 'assion')

A new TV series started tonight, about a woman who wakes up after 18 years in a coma to find she's now 35.
It was the first episode, and it's a thriller, so who knows where the storyline will go, but tonight's first episode focused on her trying to accept that she had lost 18 years, and all her friends and family left to think about what they had done over those 18 years.

If you are healthy as you read this, be grateful for that abundance, and look forward 18 years.
When you look back to today, 18th June 2007, what will you have done in those 18 years?
Will you have nourished your passions, or will you have shut them away in a cupboard?

I know which position I want to be in - how about you?

OK, that's it for today, lots of ideas about passions.
I'm thinking about changing the sales letter for my motivational book, so based on what I've just written about, I'm doing something I don't do that often, which is to out and out ask you to go and have a look, consider taking up the 100% money back guarantee and buy my book - you'll see a lot in it about passion, and just how to go about following it in real life.

'Til next time,
Health and Happiness,
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