Monday, June 04, 2007

Issue 418 - What Will You Be Putting Off This Week?

I hope Monday finds you well.

You may have noticed (although I accept that you also may *not* have noticed!) that for the last 2 weeks there wasn't a newsletter.

As it happens, my laptop decided to stop working.
I took it in to a shop, and they said it needed a new hard drive, and would be done in 4-5 days.
That was on a Monday so I didn't do a newsletter then, thinking I'd be back on it the following week.

4 days came and went, 5 days came and went, 6 days came and get the picture.
I rang up and the man told me he couldn't be sure if it was done or not as the engineers weren't there.
I rang again the next day to be told it was being worked on.
I rang again the next day to be told it was still being worked on.
I told them that the 4-5 days had now been 9 days already, and could they call me back in 2 hours with an update about what was happening.

That went down like a cup of cold sick, but the grudgingly agreed.
2 hours later the phone rang - 'Your laptop's all done and ready.'

Possibly, otherwise someone wouldn't have invented the word 'coincidence', but in this case I don't think so.
I suspect that they wait until the customer starts chasing and only then pull their finger out to get the work done.
That attitude towards the customer doesn't even come as a surprise either, that's the worse thing about it.

Ok, today I want to talk about procrastination.
I was going to talk about it a while ago, but didn't get round to it...

Backing up your pc data is a classic example - my recent laptop woes are not unusual, rather they are inevtiable, and if you put off your backing up, then you'd better be prepared to lose all your data, which is no joke.
As it happens, I had been good with my backing up, so had my data saved.

I can suffer from procrastination badly.
Because I live and work on my own, I don't have anyone to nag, er, remind me to do things, so if I can't be bothered to do something and it isn't essential, it occasionally won't get done.

At one of the local jam nights there is a barmaid who looks just like HeidieMarie Stefanyshyn-Piper.
'Er, who?' you may ask- the barmaid certainly did.

I told her she was an astronaut, and was currently living deep underwater for 10 days as part of a NASA space habitat development.
I kept telling her I would bring in a picture, but since the jam session is every 2 weeks, I never had any rush to do it.
Then the 2 weeks would be up and I hadn't done it, so I 'd think 'I'll do it for next time.'

Eventually I managed to get a picture printed, but when I took it in, the pub had new owners, and the barmaid wasn't there!
I was cursing my procrastination - it had purely and simply caused me to miss showing her who I was talking about.

Luckily for me it turns out she was just having a day off that day, and will be back, so I can show her - I may get a slap in the face, I may get a kiss, I may get a punch from her boyfriend, but by jimminy she'll know who I mean!

Before I go, someone sent me a video the other day, and it may be the cutest I've seen, only 15 seconds.
You may have seen it before, but if you haven't, I challenge you only watch it once - I would put my mortgage on you watching it again.

Also, I'm working on a new $7 project, so let me ask if this would interest you - you buy the guide for $1, and I then pay you $7 - does that sound like a deal?

Right, that's it for this week, remember that procrastination can be easy to succumb to - is there anything you know you should just get done?
Let's make a pact that by next week's newsletter it will be done!

'Til next time,
Health and Happiness,
P.S. If you know anyone else who you think would enjoy the Great Gordino Newsletter, please pass it on to them!

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