Monday, June 11, 2007

Issue 419 - Do You Have Lurking Passions?

I hope everything is ok where you are.

If I asked you to come up with 2 subjects that I could talk about for hours, sport and entertainment would no doubt be on the list.
In fact, they are both featured heavily in my new book, set for launch early July.
(If that whets your appetite, good, and if it doesn't, tough 'cos I've written most of it already!)

Ok, the sporting subject I was going to mention was prompted by last week's launch of the London 2012 Olympic Logo.
Much derision all round, but I will talk about that next week, as this week it's the entertainment subject that gets the nod.

A good while ago one of my online buddies sent me a video she thought I'd like.
She sends me lots of them, and they alwasy make me smile.
This one was from a show called 'America's Got Talent', where any type of act auditions in the show, it's a talent show in the style of Pop/American/Idol, with Simon Cowell included, but no retsraints on the type of act.

The show has finally made it over here, unsurprisingly called 'Britain's Got Talent'.
With my passion for goal achievement and entertainment, I was drawn like a pig to sh... er, like a fly to a flame.
Lets not forget, my Great Gordino act is a speciality act from the old school, and that whole area pushes me buttons.
The show here is screened over 9 straight days, not over weeks and weeks like the straight music talent trawls, so if you are in the UK, make sure you watch it.

Over the weekend there were acts I just have to mention.
The first was a bloke who stood at a microphone and pulled out a hand pupet of a monkey, and simply had the puppet mime to a Michael Jackson song.
A classic 'spesh' act, which he did so well that the audience were on their feet, they simply *had* to smile.
That's one of the keys of live entertainment to me, make the audience smile, so I was cheering him on.

The next act was a chap that sells mobile phones by day, but really wants to spend his time 'doing what he feels he was meant to do.'
It would be unfair to call him ugly, because I'm not exactly God's gift myself, so let's just say he wasn't God's gift either!
He was ungainly, and freely admitting he was not good at feeling confident with himself.

He walked on stage and quietly announced he would be singing "Nessun Dorma."
He stared uncomfortably into the spotlight, opened his mouth, and out came a magical tenor voice - strong and steady, but soft and smooth in the Andrea Boccelli style.
The audience was mesmerised - it was a real goose bump moment - superb.

The final act for me to mention was a 17 yr old male baton twirler.
He got into it because his grandmother had started a troupe.
He didn't want to tell his parents, and when he did they told him he shouldn't do it in case he got bullied.
He carried on anyway, and told the judges that when he performed, it let him 'escape from eveything'
Another well performed act, and one of the judges told him that dreams should never be put down.

Believe me, and you know me well enough by now, I think with a *passion* that if you have something you think you should do in life, something you've always considered 'for other people' and not for you - please, please, and please again, act on it.

Follow your dream, live your passion - it's worth it, it doesn't have to be in entertainment, but this show is as good a black and white example as you can get of what's possible.

It's an important pillar in my life, I love watching it on TV, and I also love acting on it in real life (what's that? when's my new book out?)

Ok, that's it for this week, do you have any lurking passions?

'Til Next Time.
Health and Happiness,
P.S. If you know anyone else who you think would enjoy the Great Gordino Newsletter, please pass it on to them!

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