Monday, April 30, 2007

Issue 415 - What's My Next Challenge?

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I hope everything is ok where you are.

Thank-you for all your kind words following my marathon last week.
I always enjoy getting your feedback, so don't hesitate to contact me anytime you want!

2 people I met online both mentioned me in their blogs
Funnily enough they both live within 40 miles of me - it's a small world!

Martin Avis is someone I mention often.
His writing style and outlook seem to fit mine more often than not, the main difference being that he lives with 3 daughters and a wife, whereas I have to look deep into mists of time for a feminine presence in my life..!
His blog can be seen at:

The other local chap is not someone I've mentioned, but today his site has more interest to me than Martin's (sorry Martin, but you'll see why!)
His name's Paul Gent, and he's often been in touch with me about how to do various things, and has been a victim of that common affliction, read-a-lot-but-dont-take-action-itis!
Well he has now taken the plunge, and taken action!
He keeps asking me about things, as he does Martin, and you can see his new blog at:

When you look at this site, rememeber this is someone who never got round to taking action, but has now made that jump - there is *no* reason why you can' too!

I mentioned last week that I was in need of a new challenge, now that the marathon is out of the way.

I'm still pondering whether to stand for Parliament again.
Last time I did on the spur of the moment, and only ran a 4 week campaign.
Even though I came a solid 5th, I wouldn't do it again unless I was intending to win.
I think a 2 year campaign could make it possible, and fairly regularly I get inspired to do it, not least because of a recent incident.

When Tony Blair came to power 10 years ago, he said that sleaze would not be tolerated, that government needed to be whiter than white, open and transparent.
One much trumpeted result of this was the passing of the Freedom of Information Act.
Sounds good doesn't it, with the public that elects the government being allowed access to how it's run.

Well a couple of weeks ago, another bill came before the House of Commons, to make MPs *exempt* from the Freedom of Info Act, particularly when it comes to how they spend their massive expenses!


I've never heard such rubbish in all my life, and out of around 650 MPs, only 6 spoke against it.
At the moment, it looks like it won't be law, but that's only on technicalities, not thanks to the MPs!
If my MP was truly reflecting the views of his constituents, I bet I can guarantee they wouldn't back the law, but he votes to support it - so how is he representing them?
You see, I'm off on a rant again, so that would be a worthy goal for me to set.

I heard from Steve who suggested I walk the Great Wall of China.
Thats' not something I'd considered, but it's on the list now of 'why nots'

Rebecca made a load of suggestions, one of them being 'get married.'
What, again!?

It was enough of a challenge the first sodding time.
Easier just to find someone I don't like and buy them a house...

Rebecca knows I like to poke fun, so when she also put 'cabinetry' on the list, I took great joy in emailing her to ask if she actually meant 'cabinet making' or even 'carpentry'. No answer as yet to that...

I got a suggestion from Liz, who reminded me of the old idea of finding a penny, then doubling it 28 times to get to a million.
You are supposed to find the first penny, them start the doubling process by just asking until people tell you to go away!
I could set the target of doubling every month, which should be a 2 year goal.
It's not a bad idea - the idea itself is not new, but who has actually ever tried to see it through?

Then there is the curling.
I've read and heard that an Olympic Gold is worth a million if handled propery.
Well I could set mysef the goal of Olympic Gold by the 2014 Oympics, and see if I can get a million from my progress.
If I found a bookmaker willing to offer me odds of 1000-1, I could bet £1000 and that would be a million!

Hmm, lots of ideas, please let me know what you think of them, and give me any more that you might have, bearing in mind that once I decide on one, it *will* get done!

I'll close this week with 2 quickies.
Firstly, 3 articles I had published yesterday, which may or may not appear in future issues:

Is This British Woman The Result Of U.S. Dominance?

Is This The Luckiest Man In Sport?

36,000 Reasons To Benefit From Sport

Secondly, did you see the other day when Stephen Hawking was able to be free of his wheelchair and do 180 degree flips while on a zero gravity plane?
Remember the wealth of abundance around us, particularly when you move your arms and legs - not everyone can take that for granted.

'Til next time,
Health and Happiness,
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