Monday, April 02, 2007

Issue 411 - Oi! Is That Dog Wee On My Strawberries?

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I hope everything is well where you are as we lurch into April - I swear I only blinked since New Year and we're here already!

I couldn't decide what to call this week's issue.
I have 2 alternatives.

The first one is 'Oi, Is That Dog Wee On My Strawberries?'
The second is 'Rebecca Rows to Cycling Celebration.'

After much deliberation (a cup of tea's worth) I have decided to go with both!

Right here goes...
'Oi, Is That Dog Wee On My Strawberries?'

I bought myself some healthy youghurt last week.
Only 0.1% fat - not bad.
Normally when you see that, there is a massive amount of sugar, but I checked, and it was only 6%.
Good so far.

4 flavours -
Cherry - nice.
Strawberry - nice.
Rasberry - nice
Strawberry and Wild Strawberry - er, hang on...

'Strawberry and Wild Strawberry?'
How does that work then?

Come on, you're not telling me that someone goes out to the nearest bush and picks wild strawberries?
They could have dog wee on them!

Let's be honest, the wild strawberry pickers will be on minimum wage, and will probably get their 'wild strawberries' from rummaging through the bins round the back of Tesco's!

The youghurt tub says it contains 1% strawberry and 0.5% wild strawberry, and I'm sure if I write to Mr.Youghurt he will tell me there is a distinct difference in taste between the two.
I *bet* there is - dog wee!

The youghurt contains 'real fruit pieces.'
I'm telling you, when I see a lump of fruit from that pot, the sucker's getting a good rinse under the tap before it gets in *my* mouth!

All in all I'm not altogether sure what that little tale has got to do with self improvement, goal achievement or wealth creation, so let's crack on with...
'Rebecca Rows to Cycling Celebration.'

A bit heavy on the alliteration maybe, but as you know I can't resist it - the allure of alliteration.
See, I'm at it again.

Ok, Rebecca Romero.
She won a silver medal at the Athens Olympics for Britain in rowing, but got disillusioned with the management of the sport in this country (you're not alone there girl.)

So, she took up cycling, and it's been less than a year since she first made a self-admitted 'wobble' around a cycling track.
At the weekend, she took silver in the World Championships!

How impressive is that!!

She's now in the shake up for next years' Olympics.
Not many people achieve Olympic medals in 2 different events, and it's usually a runner doing something like bobsleigh, if at all.
In fact if she does it, she'll only be the 2nd woman to do it at 2 different summer Olympic sports.

Yes, rowing and cycling both need thunderous thighs, but apart from that they are very different.
I'm amazed at what she's done in a year, and after I write my letter to Mr. Youghurt, I may well be writing to Rebecca as well.
Maybe I could ask to measure her thighs.

Do you think she set a goal to get that far?
You bet.
Do you think she set about the task by taking action?
You bet.

I'm inspired - hope you are too.
Ok, that's it for today - in 12 months will your achievements be as spectacular as Rebecca Romero's?

'Til next time,
Health and Happiness,
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