Monday, April 09, 2007

Issue 412 - Are You An Old Dog? Or Can You Learn New Tricks?

I hope Monday finds you well.

You may remember that last week I wrote about my concerns about a youghurt flavour of 'strawberry and wild strawberry', my main concern being that the wild ones might have had dog wee on them.
Well I must have been having a particularly strange day, because before I knew it I had actually emailed them to ask the difference.
I got this reply - 'the wild variety is smaller with a more intense flavour.'


Talk about strange days, did anyone else see Tiger Woods smash his golf club against a tree?
He was as stressed as anyone had seen him, and he played the most bizarre shot around a tree which had the inevitable outcome of breaking his club and could have easily broken his wrist - not so clever when your hands bring you $50 million...

I've been watching a great series on TV, which reminds me of a great goal acheivement and self improvement subject - learning as an adult.

In the series, various celebrities try to learn a new instrument, with a live performance at the end.
Last week had a comedian learning the banjo, a notoriously difficult instrument to learn by all accounts.
He went along to his lessons, and his teacher wanted him to progress by learning specific songs, the theory being that the technique would come as a by-product.
Now it depends on the circumstance, sometimes that approach can work, and sometimes it can backfire, but the comedian stuck at it.

Eventually he decided it wasn't working for him, and changed teachers, to someone who taught him technique first, songs second.
This worked much better for him, and he saw his progress move forward.

I can remember writing in the past about a show along similar lines, that had celebrities learning to paint, and was surprised that one in particular, a journalist, was so closed minded about the techniques, simply because it wasn't what he had expected. He was sarcastic and dismissive pretty much from the outset.
He'd decided the technique wouldn't work so guess what - it didn't!

The comedian in this series did much better - he was open minded about the technique, and *tried* it.
It was only after he had tried it that he made the decision to try something else to see which worked better for him.

Now *that's* the way to do it!
Try things before you dismiss them - you may be amazed!

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Ok, that's it for this week, think of astronaut Suni Williams.
On the 11th, up in space on the International Space Station, she'll be running a marathon, strapped onto a treadmill - impressive!

It's a short issue this week, but it's a valuable tip - what lessons, ideas, or tips have you dismissed without even trying them?
'Til next time,
Health and Happiness,
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