Monday, October 23, 2006

Issue 389 - A Firmer Buttock?

I hope Monday finds you well.

I had 2 strokes of luck last week.
Firstly, the head gasket went on my car, which considering the state of my car, was a terminal issue.

Doesn't sound so lucky does it?

The luck was that I got a clue about it just as I turned the corner to get back home.
I have been doing many long mileage journeys to jams, and just this week the new curling season started, which means a long journey down narrow pitch black country lanes.
Had the car given up on me then, I would have been unamused to say the least, so although having to get another car is a pain in the derriere, the circumstances were lucky.

Speaking of a pain in the derriere, and the start of curling, blimey it's a good workout!
I'd forgotten how strenuous it can be, and it provides a good alternative to compliment my marathon training - I'm just hoping that a firmer buttock is helpful for a marathon...

Also, it's only firmer on one side, so will that give me a limp?
Maybe I could wear fancy dress as an upside-down Quasimodo.

Here's the 2nd piece of luck...
In the off season we had been asked to send in our playing intentions for the season as they were starting various leagues.
I duly sent mine back in, only to notice that when the fixtures came out, my name was nowhere to be seen.
I asked why not, and it seems that my intentions form had not been passed on.

I wasn't happy, and had to work quite hard to resist the strong temptation to throw the toys out of my pram and sulk, telling them to shove their curling where the sun doesn't shine.
Resist it I did though, and when I went this week for a non-league session, they asked me if I had dates available as one of the team members had dropped out leaving a space for me.

I duly accepted, and made a mental note to pass on that little story.
It's often said that luck is when opportunity meets preparation.
Well, had my preparation been a sulk and a strop, the opportunoty would have meant nothing when it came, but good preparation on my part had allowed me to enjoy the 'luck'.

I've been working hard on my Grab A Grand Club.
Remember that the idea is for me to pass on the knowledge I have learnt about internet marketing, and also give you specific hands on help with any of it that you may get stuck on.
The more work I've been doing on it, the more I have realised that the $19 a month launch price is ludicrously low.

There are only so many hours in the day, and since I offer the hands on help, it's actually a bad way for me to leverage my time.
As such, instead of raising the price to $27 a month on Nov 1st, I'm raising it to $47.

That means you still have a week to take up the launch price of $19 a month, which is a locked in price once you join.

There is no commitment, you can stop whenever you want.
If you've ever been stopped from internet marketing because you think you don't know how to make a website, or set up an autoresponder, or research a market, or create a product, or write articles, etc, etc, etc, I will give you specific help on any/all of it.

Go and take a look at the site, which also has a 50% paying affiliate programme:

Ok, that's it for this week, remember to prepare properly for the 'lucky' opportunities that may be around the corner...

Have a good week.
'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,
Support your own favourite cause at:

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